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GHARSHANA : the final battle …….is it over ??


Crypt Master : Coward ….I know u r too scared of me from the instrinsic dimensions …that explains such a long gap for the continuation of this damned discussion.

abbulu: dooD …..its not my fault …got soo much work !!

Crypt Master : Work!! Work!! U dirty ass-hole from a doomed pugatory!!Do u ever think of anythin’ else other than large chunks of monkey-thrash !! What do u think or urself ???

abbulu:Well!! I ……


abbulu : okay …okay …lets get down to business …shall we ??

Crypt Master: Aah !! Finally !! Lets go back to the”Mrs. Immanuel episode” at school.Had I been there it wudn’t have been so embarassing for you :-O .

abbulu : For once …I agree!! But u didn’t exist then!!

Crypt Master :See …..I knew u wud see sense !! U were like “Hum hain Bhola Baala Baba”.For no major fault of urs mom was called to the school 😦 …….why did those feral mutato-brain-screwed-arse-kinkers call u in the first place ?? For talking in the assembly??Gimme a break …..they wanted to divert the attention from the real criminals …u know those who write foul stuff on girls’ toilets .etc., Why the hell weren’t those sluts ‘n’ gigolos called?? I know…’coz there parents donated tons of cash to the school.

abbulu : I have nothin to say …..bad luck perhaps ..

Crypt Master : Shut up!! Bad luck my uninfected foot!! Had I been there I wud have thrown my report sheet on Mrs.Immanuel’s face (u were a sincere student then,right !!), stopped that demagogue in callin’-mom,and wud never have deigned to her idiosyncrasy-stuffed-pressure in writing that vignette-typed affidavit of an apology letter !!

abbulu : Yep! That might have worked !! But u r not always really perfect ! Remember the time u got soo umbraged that u laid the mighty ol’ smackdown on poor ol’ “Vijay” .I mean …what he did was imprudent..but beating him up with a stump was not necessary ,was it??

Crypt Master : Okay!!That was a rare mistake!I really got soooo livid then!! But that doen’t happen all the time! Ur “Ramudu-manchi-baludu” (the good-lad) virtue influenced me many times to control myself and u did a very gud job too 🙂

abbulu : Thnx.But dont celebrate .I still want u to go back inside me!! :-X

Crypt Master : Oh no !!Orey dont u get it …what bout “the phase in 10th” ??
abbulu : That was my fault all the way ..I am sooo damned to actually have someone who hates me soo much!! :(…I am sure even God will punish me for that!!

Crypt Master : What of the most intense reason of them all ? The inspiration behind you running in the first place ..tsk tsk ..I shouldn’t talking about this,but why in the name of brimstone should i be cautious ??

abbulu : That is a story that seems to have no meaning,only a distant dream ! **sigh**
Crypt Master :U r the one who suffered the most …..and still u punish urself like a damned undertaker in a purgatory!! Why ,bobs ? Ever since that happened, U started attributing every bad thing that happened to you to the so-called-curse-of-U-know-who !! (I dont even remember that person cursing u in the first place)

abbulu : It is true and until the person concerned doesn’t know the truth….. I …..

Crypt Master :Okay..okay!! I didn’t intend to hurt u !!
So what of the T.L.Reddy sir episode …??U were gullible enough to take the blame for no bad deed of yours!! 😦

abbulu : For ur oh!soo benevolent info. ……I did explain to him later(Better late than never !!) and he believed me !!

Crypt Master : Okay mama…what do u want me to do ?? I cant go away completely …u need me at least sometimes ……say at tentative future issues like “monster of ug3″,”Macbeth dude”,”Bhujji”,”the 1st reason for birth-of-your inherent anger and bitterness”,etc.,

abbulu : Okay!! I will call you only when I need you ……and u shall come only when I seek you from the depths of my heart,mind and soul!!I dont want this to be the “Aparichitudu” kind of thing !!We need control!! Promise me this!!

Crypt Master :

“I dont say one thing while promising and say something else
while not promising”

-translated from Chatrapathi (feature film)

abbulu : Its agreed then 🙂 ?

Crypt Master : Agreed 🙂 !!

{goes inside abbulugadu …..n says while vanishing}

Call me someime soon !! 😉

abbulu : Not in the near future….I wont !!! 😉

To the readers>Lets see how long it takes ….. :-O

Verse of the day :

“Got to moderate them !!
Inherent demons …I say
They being at the helm…..
Can lead to Doomsday!!”


GHARSHANA : the final battle : Episode 2


Crypt Master :How cud u bear that PRK Rao ??That masochist asks for 5 min extra and takes a full brain-suckin’ 35 min.He surely a super-mutated narcissist from the straits of brimstone !!!:(

abbulu : Orey!! He’s a gud prof. …..he’s sooo aged n emaciated yet comes along distance to teach us

Crypt Master :Okay ra!! What of the “ug3 monster”??What of “Macbeth(ur so called gud frnd.)”?? Aren’t all these $^%&^ the ppl who pushed u to the brink of an emotional outburst ??

abbulu : dooD !! evryone expects a level of dedication from their partn…

Crypt Master : Shut up!! 😦 Dont tell me u didn’t work ur arse off …dont tell me u returned from that injury-ordeal (within 2 days …much to mom’s dismay) just to finish those %&%^**& projects !!

abbulu : It doesn’t matter how hard I work …or how many hrs I slog ….only results do ,,,okay??

Crypt Master :U mean for those self-centered &(*&&&^%#$ !!!!

abbulu : Every one has a right to that ra …. u r no day-time vigilante to make ur own decrees!! 😦

Crypt Master : Then what of ……

abbulu : Let me go for lunch….didnt eat properly last 3 days …!!!

Crypt Master :Go have ur food…we will talk later!!
To the readers> That is why i get soo concerned ’bout him sometimes…he’s gullible enuf to forget his food !!!
(to be continued …….)
Verse of the day :

This isn’t me, this can’t be me
Help me find who I used to be
I had a heart, I had a soul
Now all I have is this black hole

—– Crypt Master

GHARSHANA : the final battle : Episode 1

So over the past many morbid events over this year …….. good ol’ abbulugadu learnt to resist his anger , aggression and his tendency to go Super Saiyan irrelevantly.But not for long … the dark side continues to persist in the forlorn inner depths of his mind,body and soul.

Finally he decides to fight the dark side ….something on the lines of Smeagol and Gollum in LOTR.

characters :

  1. abbulu aka baba aka bobs
  2. the dark side : Crypt master aka Super Saiyan aka Scorpion king …..etc.,

abbulu : enough ra rey !! I am completely fed up with your blatant machismos of the lost age!! Its time you get lost forever .

Crypt Master : shut up fucking pig !! What were you without me … u were a shit-headed fat ass with a bloody tendency to behave in a savoir faire sort of way in public !!Then it was me who got soo pissed off and made you run all summer and then you lost weight ……. fking jabroni!! have you never heard of the addage “BEING GRATEFUL” !!

abbulu : What ?!?! I wud have lost weight anyway …..after all its a matter of good health :-O

Crypt Master : U better shut all the idiosyncracies and umbrages of urs !! 😦 It was some of those guys U call friends(Mr.U,Mr.Y,Mr.G…etc.,),who called you names …. hurt your arse off mentally …did u forget all that ??

abbulu :dooD !! They were just jokin’ around …..

Crypt Master : Stop justifying ur pals lest I take ur fking tongue and kick it down soo hard that it wud protrude out of ur blasted rectum !!

abbulu : Yuck!! Stop that trash talk ra rey!! Its like u r removing all the censorship from The Rock’s dialogues.Btw dont leave in a dilettante’s fantasy world presuming u r the Rock !!

Crypt Master : I am like him …. the only way ppl notice u now and then is becoz’ of me ….. the rock impersonation,kick arse-aggressiveness (like at the mess , on futbol grnd.etc.,) and the yearning to fight. :-O

abbulu : No one wants a “Goonda” tag like u do buddy ….and btw look what u did to parts of my blog ….wats all this ’bout “End Of Innocence”.etc., ………complete state of super-mutated paranoia !!!

Crypt Master : No one’s scared chooth!! Highlighting problems …aimin at a common gud but by the path of the dark side 🙂

abbulu :I am tired of talkin’ to you man …gotto go to class Comm. Networks!! :-O

Crypt Master : That PRK Rao’s …. hahaha jhahaha…!!!! That masochist screws u up by giving ya a C grade in Probability …and you still respect him enuf to attend his hi-fi classes 😦

abbulu : Stop it !! I will take care of u later ……

Crypt Master : I will be waiting ……..!!!!! :))))


Quote OF THE DAY :

“Where iss it, where iss it: my Precious, my Precious? It’s ours, it is, and we wants it. The thieves, the thieves, the filthy little thieves. Where are they with my Precious? Curse them! We hates them.”

The Two Towers: “The Taming of Smeagol,” p. 220

The Real Super Saiyan – (Parody To Eminem’s – The Real Slim Shady)

All ye Dragonball fans out there …hope u guys are gonna love this one …… couldn’t resist but put it down in my blog 🙂 ( source :

Will the real super saiyan please power up?
I repeat, Will the real super saiyan please power up?
We’re gonna have a problem here-

Ya’ll act like you never seen a super saiyan before,
Flying out the door,
Getting hurt worse than before,
Just like Cell and Vegeta did more,
Than a normal spar, that’s a bore,
More interesting would be to watch Mr. Satan snore……

It’s the return of Freiza, oh wait, no way, you’re kidding, Trunks didn’t take him as quick as we think he did, did he?

And then King Cold said, nothing you baka King Cold’s dead he’s locked in Krillin’s basement (haha)

World’s had enough of Androids (18,19,20)
Even the creator’s lame, I swear, this ain’t a game
Look at them flying around who knows where, and who really cares (hey, but their so strong though)

They probably got a few screws up in their heads loose, but that’s no worse than what’s goin’ on in Master Roshi’s bedroom
Sometimes saiyans just want to watch t.v. and just let loose but they can’t, cause they got too much saving’ the world to do

A Nameks on your ship,
A Nameks on your ship,
And if your lucky, he might just heal you up real quick,

And this is the message Trunks delivers to little kids
If it’s a bad guy, on his head, take a whiz

Of course, it’s gonna happen in the course of a fight, they saw Gohan do it before, right?

They ain’t nothing’ but saiyans, well, some of them super saiyan who like to snag girls with good looks and strong hands

But if Goku can kill Freiza then, why can’t we resurrect Yamcha and Tien again?

But if we want the Dragon
Get the balls
Sing the chant, here’s the call

You’re the super saiyan, the real super saiyan, you ain’t playin, we know you’re the saiyan, so won’t the real super saiyan please power up, please power up, please power up
(Repeat 1x)

Have to be strong to be a super saiyan, kill your best friend, that’s what we’re playin

Ya think Goku cared about Krillin? I do, since he kinda went super saiyan for him

But Yamcha, if you went super saiyan, wouldn’t it be weird?
Why? So you can cheer and jeer
While he makes a fool of himself up in here
And sit him next to capsule corporation gears
But Bulma Briefs better switch him chairs, so he can sit next to Vegeta and Lunch and hear
How they’re planning to take over the world this year

Lunch, that little airhead, who thinks she can super saiyan,
Although if she sneezes again that might be what she’s playing

But then theirs Bulma, who is even scarier-
What did Vegeta have to do to get super saiyan Trunks

Also theirs Goku, although all he does is annoy you……
And since when has marriage been a food, too?

There are a few just-like saiyans, who act like them, trying’
to get chick’s like them, fuse like them, but then again,
they sing like them, just might be just like them, but hey, the next best things sorta like them……………………

You’re the super saiyan, the real super saiyan
You ain’t playin’, we know you’re the saiyan
So won’t the real super saiyan please power up, please power up, please power up,
(Repeat 1x, and then fade on 2nd repeat)

The FYP splat

So good ol' abulugadu's life's becoming more and more miserable as the Sun goes on with its cycle of rising and setting.

So no decision reached as to an FYP topic,FYP guide and FYP partner.Honestly me too paranoid 'bout doing a project alone .Please ppl …… dont dissolve me or laugh me off in derision …..but me too senti 'bout not working alone.

So I ask the SiM guy to be my partner and he said .. "Orey !! Sorry ra!! Already decided !!" Your guess would be as good as mine ! [This is the 3rd time me mentioning the SiM concept …so my impertinence at tentatively jeopardizing the concerned folks might really piss them off ……. no hard feelings pals …..only trying to be funny at times of despair 🙂 ]And then I heard that the dude's working differently . So the gullible little peasant (me of course ..who else do I have the guts to scold :-O)

Then when I asked the gr8 one again , he kindly declined showing uncomprehensible benevolence but my dark side's interpretation :

"Orey! I dont wanto jeopardise my future by working with someone as stupid,unreliable,uncompatible as you.This is FYP man!!"

Oh well … abbulugadu believed every word of that and decided to blog 🙂 (no coherence what so ever …hehe)

so the rap of the day:

U ain't got a clue
This mite be true
Or a super Boooo!!
Dont stand in a queue
In hallucination's zoo..
Or before Majin Buu
So whether u trust me too
Is up to you !!!!!!!

Tried soo hard but never got far

So good ol’ abbulugadu gets an overnight realisation that it would do a world of good if he participates in the sports meet-events .

So I got up in the morning to go for practice and found my shoes missing (put them outside my room).Of all the people why does the concerned arse-mutated jabroni pick my shoes to steal.Okay.I took raghu’s and went to carry out a process that is probably somewhere between jogging and sprinting .

Looking at Agnians practice it made me wonder the vanity behind my senseless ordeal.These guys are gonna win anyway.My case is like that of Mangal Pandey who shouted for two days against the British but got executed anyway without making any real impact (Please dont believe Aamir’s movie, people ….it is a false glorification)

Quote of the day :

“It starts with one thing
I dont know why
Doesn’t even matter
How hard u try”


PS :But I decided to fight till the end obviously ‘coz I am stupid (never near bold,spirited,determined n all that positive monkey-crap) …not that it really matters to those who will actually win !!! :))

The one on Eminem

If there was one person I hated (until the day after yesterday) it was Eminem.

He rapped lines that unveiled such an abhored dark side which would make even Darth Sidious hang his head in disgrace.

But then I read 'bout him today and found that Marshal Mathers was only being human ….perhaps TOO HUMAN.

IIIT’s very own : version 1.1

The Observartions:
1)So the concerned authorities decide to lynch most of the students by introducing a new scheme of "FYPs from 3-2".
2)Remember the director,dean advocating agnosticism by clearly stating that preparing for CAT,etc., should be discouraged.(earlier part of the yr)

The Inference:
Connect these two and voila! U have the perfect conspiracy that makes our efforts towards competitive exams get lost in derision.Perhap even stultify some future hopes (from some points of view at least)I am sure those who r responsible for this decision are snickering like the Horsemen of Apocalypse .

The tribute :
Hence , the good little gullible abbulugadu pays an ode to rappers and the conspiracy theorists of IIIT :

In all ur suavity
And all ur depravity
U show superficial affability
Call it amenity , amiabilty
Or perhaps congeniality.
But underneath ur rationality
Surely "DEMONIC" activity !!

Its more like ur way
Or the perplexed highway
Fine if in ur track we stay
Lest we get blown away
Every year,every damned day
We got to serve ur say
Lest we get screwed to Doomsday!!

The end of innocence :Part -1

My Granma (who is i must say though elderly very modern in her outlook) surprisingly once told me that dreams that come in the morning,esp. those in the time frame between 3AM and 5AM …known as "Brahma Muhurtam" (the duration of the cosmic creator) have a higher prbability of coming true.I didn't really care about the weight of that statement until I really thought 'bout it today.(I usually dont think sth. soooo seriously though)

Over the past few years ….. whenever I dreamt something bad (as far as I can remember at the above mentioned time ) it happened .To the contrary the good things didn't !Or was my interpretation of the bad dreams good ??

Even then why did I brush all that off as mere coincidences then and why am I thinking of all these now …..NOW after all these years !!! Is it like if someone dreams of APOCALYPSE in the early hours of the morning this will come true!! Is that how most of the prophecies (the world's end in the Garuda Purana's ref. 'bout the end of KaliYug , the final day of mankind when the moon turns red … the earth breaks and swallows men ,etc.,)

Lets forget the dreams s*** for sometime . One of my ol' pals once complained to me that his mom insists on him speakin' to gals of his community (they want to get him married off)or caste or wtf ….why do I even have to remember such things belonging to the realm of monkey-crap ?!?! My heart says "Why such mindless insistence ? If the lady feels that her son is not mature enough to speak to girls (and in the long run maybe like one of them … methinks thats her true fear ) why use uncoveted fk*** social tools like caste,social status ,etc., to cover up??"

If he's mature enough to like someone (he's 23yrs old) ….or rather lets use "love" for confirmation ….lady !!Just marry him off to the girl he likes :-X

And then lets leave the matrimony thing behind …what 'bout most of the Universities and colleges …..esp. in volatile areas like Anatapur,etc, the students kick each others' a***es for the sake of their so called caste,creed and what not ?? Are those idiots educated people ?? I mean …I dont really mind if they fight for their college honour or maybe for a girl or something …but social dogmas ??? Gimme a break.

And then in IIIT ….I see a couple sitting in an isolated corner of the campus ….and when I(read fellow student) happen to pass by (in a car)…..hide their faces ….why are they scared ?? If both of them are sure of their feelings for each other …. what stuff can any forlorn jabroni kick out of their spark ??If you ask for me for my opinion (I am nobody to make decrees ..but this is my blog …my zone) they need not get scared even if Zulu passes by !!! Ok … I do agree if they want to show him respect or something ….but why hide from a fellow (in this case
Why superficialise themselves as culprits when there is innocence ??

Is it the end of innocence ?? I am no true blue pessimist …only asking some questions!!

My take on the movie “Holy Man”

Recently saw the movie mentioned supra ….. it was okay …..though i beg to differ with the views presented in the climax.

okay ..okay …so Eddie Murphy's this travelling angel (thank God for no racism here)who becomes pallish with Jeff Goldbum( is the spellin' right?) and makes the latter's shoppin' network's profits undergo a mutation.But Eddie doesn't want to stick to such commercial stuff..he wants to continue his journey (WAIT!! cud someone tell whether he was an angel or hermit kinda guy)But the hero wants to hang on to him …so his immensely ethical GF(not Granfather) ditches him .Then the bloody realisation dawns and he lets Eddie go free.

I dont have a problem with the goody goody conscious thing … but its not about conscious …it might be probably 'coz he wants to get back to screwing his gal ….

He cud have sung this to her : (Metallica's "Holier Than Thou")

..who are you? where ya been?
where ya from?gossip burning on the tip of your tongue
you lie so much you believe yourself
judge not lest ye be judged yourself

holier than thou
you are
holier than thou
you are

you know not
before you judge me take a look at you
didn't you find something better to do
point the finger, slow to understand
arrogance and ignorance go hand in hand….

PS : Btw how many of us would really hold on to ethics when given a chance to reach the height of our dreams but at the cost of a little conscious ??