IIIT ’s very own …..(version 1.0) : “They say it is ….”

Now lets get down to business ….. say i ‘ve been observing the local things in IIIT worth gossiping ’bout ….. so here i go …..for the anonymity angle of the ppl involved i designed a poem that says it all ,though indirectly … sorry (to those concerned)if i am being imprudent.

Of course what follows is completely light hearted ( you may call it the poetry version of the PGWodehouse type…though not of that literary level)

I’m trying to sound fair
That love is in the air
So you should fall in love too
Lest you want to get a boo00
At least , choose and stare !!

There’s a Ms.A and a Mr.A
Meeting freq.? never a delay
So once again
With no bargain
“Its always there!” ..I say.

Then there’s lady X ‘n’ Mr.L
(The latter’s jokes won’t sell)
“Friends !” — They say
But come what may
POSSIBILITY -I can spell.

Yes!!There’s Mr R and Ms D
Though taller she might be
Love’s immune to height
Or competition’s plight
This one’s not going to FUBAR !!

Next about Ms S and Mr S
I suppose this one’s in distress
For there is a third vertex
But as long as there’s no vortex
In the end .. someone might bless

Here , I mention the SiM
She’s and he’s trim
Always strikin’ the right chord
With her,he thinks he’s the lord
If it works, it would be prim.

Finally lets get down to me
(Currently on a bloggin’ spree)
I dont believe this concept
But u r welcome to intercept
And I may accept the decree !!

Hope u enjoyed that …will get back on more advanced versions of “IIIT’s ver own” as soon as i find more stuff .. Happy Chidren’s Day(if there r kiddos readin’ this!!) and Happy bloggin’ .So long ..

3 responses to “IIIT ’s very own …..(version 1.0) : “They say it is ….”

  1. hey baba … this poem’s gonna land u in trouble if the ppl mentioned get pissed off.

  2. I think i am maintainin’ my limits buddy.Btw I am not the least scared of anyone…. as long its the truth.

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