Of the injury,Bikes and “Chatrapati”

well … here I am .. in fact the prev. post was supposed to be published on Oct 19th but since me,i.e., the big time idiot created my blog today … it was … well published today.

Ok ….. so ’bout the movie “Chatrapati” … a gr8 one i must say … the trade pundits say that it is 2005’s highest grosser among telugu movies .Facts apart , U see I saw the movie just before the futbol session mentioned before ….and some scenes literally made my blood boil due to their sheer power and intensity.Hence i ended up playing the game with that aggressiveness… and well 🙂 got injured.My frnd. Patel calls it “Baba’s Hawa-Baazi”!!

An astrologer tells my mom that for the nxt 2 yrs I should not ride bikes .I whole-heartedly feel that he is trying to capitalise on my injury-thing and of course ma’s blind concern for me.
Me presently negotiating with my dad to make things better from the bikes point of view.(Of course he wouldn’t be if he knew I sometimes try to do 90s and 100s on relatively empty roads)

One response to “Of the injury,Bikes and “Chatrapati”

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