The day the injury found its way

Well where do i start from its already known to one and all!!

Oct 19 th '05 ……….. we guys from Prithvi had a futbol practice session …… and i get seriously injured.

Description : The side hook of the goal post tore through the skin between my left thumb and index finger and dug deep… then took a U-turn and did a spiral routine at the thumb-side edge of my palm .(n fact it was the hand that was moving not the hook ..but u wud visualise it better this way)

Anyway a ltr of blood flows out (like in the Cpt.Cook free flow "Namak" ad …only it was blood for salt)and I getmy first operation.But the one thing I must tell you is about how my pals Raghu,Yaar and Lova were there by my side throughout the ordeal….well at least until my folks arrived.And particularly Raghu , who was so scared but put up a brave face and kept assuring me nothing's going to happen.

Well thnx for evry thing fellows !!

2 responses to “The day the injury found its way

  1. good thing i was not there.. I might have fainted. The description itself is very gore.. **shudder** how you feelin now??

  2. ok ra …thnx dont wry i completely recovered

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