The redemption of the physical stuff

Enough of the injury's upshots and corollaries …well the end sems are done …the proj.'s still there and Prof.VUR is "as sinister as ever I say"!!

Got back to jogging and training in the morning ….. but still dont think that I would be able to beat someone as legendary as Raja at the Sports meet.

Also resumed workouts at the gym too … dont want Spawn to think his Orkut-testi is a bunch of lies :))

3 responses to “The redemption of the physical stuff

  1. redemption …spell check

  2. Oh yes, I dont want my testi to be a bunch of lies, but a li’l bit of white-lies in the form of praise is always welcome :D.. a little bit.. not more.. remember ur testi written by me?? 😉

    Nice blog u’ve got here.. and thnx for visitin ma blog.. but do write ur comments or opinions..

    Bye. also u can change the spellin directly naa… y write a comment mentioning the correction??

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