City Capers

I am not always the gossip monger can prvide useful info too

If you guys and gals want to eat out and get your money's worth ..(in terms of quality n quantity) check out the restuarant at Hotel Golconda near Masab Tank.

Of course if u r lucky you might catch some really mirror-cracking foreign ladies (and maybe men too) So the visual treat from the dark side too is in …HAR HAR!!

What else…aah..yes!! Hyderabad Central's planned a first anniversary extravaganza and giving huge(read humongous,colossal.,etc.,) discounts.So you can check that out …last date ..methinks the end of this week.

Of course got to stop 'coz getting a migraine attack 'coz the SiM duo mentioned in the last post are cootchie-cooing very loudly.

One response to “City Capers

  1. anniversary — spell check

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