A dilettante’s nightmare

So far my blog is filled with real and light hearted perceptions of "THE REAL WORLD(read IIIT)" ….,.but the twist in this little blogging story comes last night after reading(read digging) each and every corner of trappi's blog.

I must say he's the world's(read IIIT's) gr8est pessimist.I laugh at it yesterday …but I wake up today morn n wat do i find …. the optimist in me dies !! I have all bad thoughts , making prophecies about my ultimate doom(read apocalypse) … then i start thinking,pondering,wondering …and whatever crap appendages u can make …. to this phenomenon

I didnt decide a FYP partner yet ….

Abhiram's a VLSI honours student so he cant take a comm. or signal processing FYP…….(waaaa..:-(

The elite four (workin' under VUR) book each other up even before the miserable abbulugadu knows 'bout "FYPs to be done from 3-2"

Another close frnd. does a Macbeth 'coz he's part of …….well!! I will be damned if I mention it…….. :-X

Today's project simulations' presentation is on the highway to ARMAGEDDON (I dreamt I got mutato-screwed (watever that means) by VUR during simulations)

My hostel room's like a dilapidated old "MCH chettakundi"(non telugu pals!! pls read garbage dump) ..so got to clean it …. n currently me too paranoid 'bout life to move a muscle

I wonder why i am blogging like a maniacal jabroni !!
Day's wishes :

May Trappi get boinked by a porcupine

Ans may Kurt Cobain(the pachyderm from a municipal drainage system is dead) be SUBARed(like FUBAR….it means screwed up beyond all repair) by a gang of pigs from the swarms of hell.

One response to “A dilettante’s nightmare

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