Hagglin’ away all day …..yesterday

Haggle :To bargain, as over the price of something;
: “He preferred to be overcharged than to haggle” (W. Somerset

So u have stupid b2a
hagglin' away
out of his way
On a Wednesday
I went to buy sneakers
Seller's nose's like a beaker
I do think he's gay
From some bohemian bay
So I decide to run away.
The 2nd guy : "Rs.700 …okay?"
Me : "What ..no no ..no way!!"
I decide to go away
The jabroni : "No sir …pls stay!!"
Me :"300/- is what i finally say"
He goes like "what! Thats too much"
The asshole freaks out
And begins to shout
Even ready for a bout
He's too strong n stout
So i finally decide to flee
Before he lays his decree

Well !! Perhaps my hagglin's
A smacketh dumb lay
perhaps not today
But surely some other day
Come what may
"I'll buy shoes" I say …

A rap version based on a true life incident :-))

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