My take on the movie “Holy Man”

Recently saw the movie mentioned supra ….. it was okay …..though i beg to differ with the views presented in the climax.

okay ..okay …so Eddie Murphy's this travelling angel (thank God for no racism here)who becomes pallish with Jeff Goldbum( is the spellin' right?) and makes the latter's shoppin' network's profits undergo a mutation.But Eddie doesn't want to stick to such commercial stuff..he wants to continue his journey (WAIT!! cud someone tell whether he was an angel or hermit kinda guy)But the hero wants to hang on to him …so his immensely ethical GF(not Granfather) ditches him .Then the bloody realisation dawns and he lets Eddie go free.

I dont have a problem with the goody goody conscious thing … but its not about conscious …it might be probably 'coz he wants to get back to screwing his gal ….

He cud have sung this to her : (Metallica's "Holier Than Thou")

..who are you? where ya been?
where ya from?gossip burning on the tip of your tongue
you lie so much you believe yourself
judge not lest ye be judged yourself

holier than thou
you are
holier than thou
you are

you know not
before you judge me take a look at you
didn't you find something better to do
point the finger, slow to understand
arrogance and ignorance go hand in hand….

PS : Btw how many of us would really hold on to ethics when given a chance to reach the height of our dreams but at the cost of a little conscious ??

One response to “My take on the movie “Holy Man”

  1. Its ’bout human values dooD ….if not his girl ..maybe someone else would make him see what is correct….dont be sooo hasty in conclusions

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