IIIT’s very own : version 1.1

The Observartions:
1)So the concerned authorities decide to lynch most of the students by introducing a new scheme of "FYPs from 3-2".
2)Remember the director,dean advocating agnosticism by clearly stating that preparing for CAT,etc., should be discouraged.(earlier part of the yr)

The Inference:
Connect these two and voila! U have the perfect conspiracy that makes our efforts towards competitive exams get lost in derision.Perhap even stultify some future hopes (from some points of view at least)I am sure those who r responsible for this decision are snickering like the Horsemen of Apocalypse .

The tribute :
Hence , the good little gullible abbulugadu pays an ode to rappers and the conspiracy theorists of IIIT :

In all ur suavity
And all ur depravity
U show superficial affability
Call it amenity , amiabilty
Or perhaps congeniality.
But underneath ur rationality
Surely "DEMONIC" activity !!

Its more like ur way
Or the perplexed highway
Fine if in ur track we stay
Lest we get blown away
Every year,every damned day
We got to serve ur say
Lest we get screwed to Doomsday!!

3 responses to “IIIT’s very own : version 1.1

  1. Orey if its about ur professors at IIIT …wait until they look at it …hehe
    Btw so many ppl blog in IIIT .Kudos !!

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  3. vicctoriorus76

    Here are some links that I believe will be interested

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