GHARSHANA : the final battle : Episode 2


Crypt Master :How cud u bear that PRK Rao ??That masochist asks for 5 min extra and takes a full brain-suckin’ 35 min.He surely a super-mutated narcissist from the straits of brimstone !!!:(

abbulu : Orey!! He’s a gud prof. …..he’s sooo aged n emaciated yet comes along distance to teach us

Crypt Master :Okay ra!! What of the “ug3 monster”??What of “Macbeth(ur so called gud frnd.)”?? Aren’t all these $^%&^ the ppl who pushed u to the brink of an emotional outburst ??

abbulu : dooD !! evryone expects a level of dedication from their partn…

Crypt Master : Shut up!! 😦 Dont tell me u didn’t work ur arse off …dont tell me u returned from that injury-ordeal (within 2 days …much to mom’s dismay) just to finish those %&%^**& projects !!

abbulu : It doesn’t matter how hard I work …or how many hrs I slog ….only results do ,,,okay??

Crypt Master :U mean for those self-centered &(*&&&^%#$ !!!!

abbulu : Every one has a right to that ra …. u r no day-time vigilante to make ur own decrees!! 😦

Crypt Master : Then what of ……

abbulu : Let me go for lunch….didnt eat properly last 3 days …!!!

Crypt Master :Go have ur food…we will talk later!!
To the readers> That is why i get soo concerned ’bout him sometimes…he’s gullible enuf to forget his food !!!
(to be continued …….)
Verse of the day :

This isn’t me, this can’t be me
Help me find who I used to be
I had a heart, I had a soul
Now all I have is this black hole

—– Crypt Master

2 responses to “GHARSHANA : the final battle : Episode 2

  1. No wonder you became so thin …idiot!! Take care of ur health

  2. naaku kodhiga OA ekkuva le ra

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