GHARSHANA : the final battle …….is it over ??


Crypt Master : Coward ….I know u r too scared of me from the instrinsic dimensions …that explains such a long gap for the continuation of this damned discussion.

abbulu: dooD …..its not my fault …got soo much work !!

Crypt Master : Work!! Work!! U dirty ass-hole from a doomed pugatory!!Do u ever think of anythin’ else other than large chunks of monkey-thrash !! What do u think or urself ???

abbulu:Well!! I ……


abbulu : okay …okay …lets get down to business …shall we ??

Crypt Master: Aah !! Finally !! Lets go back to the”Mrs. Immanuel episode” at school.Had I been there it wudn’t have been so embarassing for you :-O .

abbulu : For once …I agree!! But u didn’t exist then!!

Crypt Master :See …..I knew u wud see sense !! U were like “Hum hain Bhola Baala Baba”.For no major fault of urs mom was called to the school 😦 …….why did those feral mutato-brain-screwed-arse-kinkers call u in the first place ?? For talking in the assembly??Gimme a break …..they wanted to divert the attention from the real criminals …u know those who write foul stuff on girls’ toilets .etc., Why the hell weren’t those sluts ‘n’ gigolos called?? I know…’coz there parents donated tons of cash to the school.

abbulu : I have nothin to say …..bad luck perhaps ..

Crypt Master : Shut up!! Bad luck my uninfected foot!! Had I been there I wud have thrown my report sheet on Mrs.Immanuel’s face (u were a sincere student then,right !!), stopped that demagogue in callin’-mom,and wud never have deigned to her idiosyncrasy-stuffed-pressure in writing that vignette-typed affidavit of an apology letter !!

abbulu : Yep! That might have worked !! But u r not always really perfect ! Remember the time u got soo umbraged that u laid the mighty ol’ smackdown on poor ol’ “Vijay” .I mean …what he did was imprudent..but beating him up with a stump was not necessary ,was it??

Crypt Master : Okay!!That was a rare mistake!I really got soooo livid then!! But that doen’t happen all the time! Ur “Ramudu-manchi-baludu” (the good-lad) virtue influenced me many times to control myself and u did a very gud job too πŸ™‚

abbulu : Thnx.But dont celebrate .I still want u to go back inside me!! :-X

Crypt Master : Oh no !!Orey dont u get it …what bout “the phase in 10th” ??
abbulu : That was my fault all the way ..I am sooo damned to actually have someone who hates me soo much!! :(…I am sure even God will punish me for that!!

Crypt Master : What of the most intense reason of them all ? The inspiration behind you running in the first place ..tsk tsk ..I shouldn’t talking about this,but why in the name of brimstone should i be cautious ??

abbulu : That is a story that seems to have no meaning,only a distant dream ! **sigh**
Crypt Master :U r the one who suffered the most …..and still u punish urself like a damned undertaker in a purgatory!! Why ,bobs ? Ever since that happened, U started attributing every bad thing that happened to you to the so-called-curse-of-U-know-who !! (I dont even remember that person cursing u in the first place)

abbulu : It is true and until the person concerned doesn’t know the truth….. I …..

Crypt Master :Okay..okay!! I didn’t intend to hurt u !!
So what of the T.L.Reddy sir episode …??U were gullible enough to take the blame for no bad deed of yours!! 😦

abbulu : For ur oh!soo benevolent info. ……I did explain to him later(Better late than never !!) and he believed me !!

Crypt Master : Okay mama…what do u want me to do ?? I cant go away completely …u need me at least sometimes ……say at tentative future issues like “monster of ug3″,”Macbeth dude”,”Bhujji”,”the 1st reason for birth-of-your inherent anger and bitterness”,etc.,

abbulu : Okay!! I will call you only when I need you ……and u shall come only when I seek you from the depths of my heart,mind and soul!!I dont want this to be the “Aparichitudu” kind of thing !!We need control!! Promise me this!!

Crypt Master :

“I dont say one thing while promising and say something else
while not promising”

-translated from Chatrapathi (feature film)

abbulu : Its agreed then πŸ™‚ ?

Crypt Master : Agreed πŸ™‚ !!

{goes inside abbulugadu …..n says while vanishing}

Call me someime soon !! πŸ˜‰

abbulu : Not in the near future….I wont !!! πŸ˜‰

To the readers>Lets see how long it takes ….. :-O

Verse of the day :

“Got to moderate them !!
Inherent demons …I say
They being at the helm…..
Can lead to Doomsday!!”


3 responses to “GHARSHANA : the final battle …….is it over ??

  1. Crypt Dude.. shit happens.. happened with me. Sometimes having an evil-me helps a lot. Seriously. Its not good to be always good.
    Now that was the “evil-me”.. Baba.. r u alright?? *worried*

  2. Guess I am alright for now ..all I need to do is gain control over myself πŸ™‚ (my suppressed-for-so-long-anger to be precise)

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