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2k5’s grand finale of posts

….so taking a cue from iv and vasan I really dragged myself to write(read type) this post 🙂

This New year’s eve I was presented with two options smacked up my face this morning :

  1. Go with parents and sister to a family get to-gether .. (ours is a big one’s got 3 sisters n 2 bro.s..n of course their kids ..oh! not exactly kids ..more or less my age)
  2. Got a call from an ol’ school frnd. of mine … new year bash at some new venue..u know ..DJ nite, ladies et al 😀

Now my dad wants me to come along with him to u-know(now dad.being a stupendously pragmatic person gets senti rarely..yup!Even the ruf’n’tuff me gets emotional more often) …but in the morning all dad’s come-to-family-party-routine seemed to me was like some forlorn hegemony brought out to stultify my yearning to enjoy !(if u call that enjoyment)

Then the raati-gunde (me) took an afternoon seista and woke up.Dad was watchhing a movie.When he saw me..just told me the following words

Orey abbulu ! Dont mind me ra … u r a grown up lad now whatever u wish to do ..just be careful huh … return home soon … rowdy sheeters prowl around during the post-new-yr-hours”

I looked into dad’s eyes seeking signs of anger,sadness,etc., Naah! Told ya dad is one mundo-practical-amigo !!He was smiling all along ..watching TV.He wasn’t angry or something ..and even after I did my super-mutated-rebel-routine in the morning ..was concerned about me returning home safely (Hey!! Isn’t that mom’s part of the script ?)

I began to be struck by an element of some sort of realization …but unable to decipher the thought exactly.Then there was this “Kalisunte Kaladhu Sukham …” song comin’ in TV.

Voila! Thats it … my stupid reluctance to deign to dad’s so-called authority was all crap-shit!!No.. not the dad!He always left me to my free-will in the end..n moreover what better way to spend new yr than with one’s family 🙂 esp. when all my cousins are gonna come.

Now things r beginning to brighten up … my cousin’s friends r gonna be there too …muhahaha ..her friends..girls!! 😀
U see more probability of striking a conversation … hehe than at the discotheque 😮

All this while I had been purblind to the de facto essence of happiness doesn’t lie in drinks,discos,etc., but in being with those who really love you ….btw wish u all a happy new year and may God bless you.

PS1 : hehe … but i am goin’ for the pal-bash too ..u see got it postponed to tomorrow evening 😉

PS2 : Not goin’ to waste my time anymore over the post-dream-experiments !! U see …
To love is happiness …to be loved is a blessing!!” …. doesn’t matter if I am not blessed ..good ol’ abbulugadu’s feelings will live forever ….so goin’ to be happy anyway 🙂

The dream-HeD , the ladies and the khumsi-khumsa

and so I was on my way home via the local MMTS.In case you are cogitating over the identity of the dreaM-head in the title ..its me 🙂

Then it happens so that a couple of girls boarded the train-bogey in which good ol’ abbulugadu was sitting.It was a pretty crowded place with all kinds of road-romeos standing akimbo in a manner that suggests their gross stupidity more tha anything else 😮

Anyway I was in one my good boy appearances …. tilak on forehead (visited the temple ) , tucked in ..u know the formal cover of the muhahahahaha …..

So the girls decide to sit opposite the good boy rather than the street goondas (if they only knew my CryptMaster side … gosh! they wud be scarrredd )Then the dream-head in me notices that one of the girls was very much like some-know-who !! But naah!! If it was that person ..I would have known 🙂 ..n moreover .. me certain that she would impulsively hack me to death !!

Anyway the khumsi-khumsa or hijra makes appears n starts asking ppl for dakshin . The great street romeos had to oblige and give him money as they did’t want to get bugged! Then the forbidden-creature comes to me and upon my reluctance (I didn’t have change …u dont expect me to give him a 100, do you ?)..went into an undefined state of verbal abuse.

Then came my show-stoppin’ routine.I flash out my ID (IIIT’s ..hehe) and tell him aloud soem random name n then ” IPS …. crime branch ” The fella (surely an uneducated fool) gets shit-scared ..says “maaf kardo sarkar ” and jumps off the train.

1st girl : Sir! U r police ??
abbulu : Take a look !!

I hand over the card n then drop the punchline “I’m just a stoodent having some fun :D”

Of grades,felicity, and (blah … blah ) stuff

If there was one course which I thought would get me a good grade .. that was ASP ..for those of late its Adaptive Signal Processing. But I just see the notice board to encounter a B- .Not a really bad grade (though any prodigal “elite” would either commit suicide or get their neurons smacked up with a stroke of paralysis if he/she gets one) I know … gullible ol’ me probably made a big big unwanted unknown blunder somewhere in the end-sem !!

Oh yes .. just came to know from nani (i.e.,M.Aditya) that midsems would be starting from 3rd week of Jan. …hehe ..doesn’t really make a difference,does it ?? :))

FELICITY …. good ol’ Raja is actually gambolling between his home and IIIT for the sake of Felicity.Man!! The latest Felicity video’s pretty cool.Got to admit Rahul n Raja (n of course the rest of ug3) are gonna have their hands full in the coming days !!

Got to talk to the speaker-company guy ‘morrow about the acoustics,stage ‘n’ stuff.Also must catch hold of Mrs.Padmaja somehow as she is the Messiah as far as sponsorships are concerned 😮

On the personal front … hoping to implement a very bizzare scheme to get my last chance at some-know-what !!! 😉

What else .. oh yes ..the verse of the day :))

Oh,no! What do I do
For I dont have a clue
ASP : got a B-
Thats giving me a sinus
So here too .. nothing new !

IIIT’s very own version 1.3 : value of a long hiatus

Finally the gossip-monger is back … must say that I did a lot of home-work on this one :))
So read,relish and enjoy ….it surely is like a box of chocolates :

So finally ,I am back
On the gossip-track
All these aren’t crap
They happen in IIIT’S map
Where of stuff ..there’s no lack !!

Back to Mr.R and Ms.D
I know nothin’ of the lady
But the guy can’t really run.
I dont intend any pun..
But their world’s all bleary !

And then gud ol’ me
Says “Whatever might be..
One thing thats goin’ strong
Mr.A ‘s one … that’ll last long
Boy!! They r on a spree :))

And then there’s Mr.V
Who’s infact good ..u see
But I hear many stuff
That dont sound like bluff
How many ? Isn’t someone free ??

There’s a certain Ms.AR
Who drinks a cigar !!
Doesn’t care a damn
I shud’ve had a webcam …
So my words ..u dont disbar !!

Who else ? Oh hell yeah !
(This wud activate a pancrea)
The tall guy …. he’s found someone (ug1??)
Hope he’s not goin’ for mental arson
Coz’ he gets many a dumb idea !

And I mention another Mr.V
Who’s in fact from ug3
He always plays the stoopid flirt
But I wudn’t throw much dirt
‘coz he’s strong ‘n’ built like a tree !!

So that ends this one …
But still loaded is my gossip-gun
My takes aren’t bestial
N the future’s got potential
So if ya like this ..thanks a ton ….. 😀

—– good ol’ abbulu

CS 1.6 lands me in a fix

So good ol’ me decides to enact a comeback to Counter Strike.I was a sorta above average player ..I must say …though nowhere close to the top league in IIIT.
That was before I quit.Last nite , I decide to play again.And boy!! I got screwed big time …I mean even gud ol’ Lilligadu fared much better than me ….that sez it all ’bout of the magnitude of my degradation.Oh boy ….. feel like doin’ the poet routine again ….. 😀

Dunno what came over me
Decided to go on a gamin’ spree
Counter striked from 10 to 11
And scored a 1 against 7
It was a disaster u see 😦

My spirits were bright
And my strategy was right
Even then , fared worse than DVL
Glad it wasn’t aired on world-tel
I know this lament sounds trite !!

Now I feel like playin’ age
A game thats now vintage
But me too scared to play
So this plan ? Got to delay
Lest I get a frustoo rage 😮

Now,Sairaj’s gamin’ n shoutin’ “Nee ayyah!!”
I honestly think i shud stop this idea
I’ll remove the hed-phones from the ports
And instead ….go play sports …
Ok folks !! Bye and see ya …. 🙂

Spawning the darkling

Revelation 12:7-10 – And there was war in heaven: Michael and his angels fought against the dragon; and the dragon fought and his angels,
And prevailed not; neither was their place found any more in heaven. And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which deceiveth the whole world: he was cast out into the earth, and his angels were cast out with him. And I heard a loud voice saying in heaven, Now is come salvation, and strength, and the kingdom of our God, and the power of his Christ: for the accuser of our brethren is cast down, which accused them before our God day and night.
This blog is a rip-off from abbulugadu’s GHARSHANA .Finally The Crypt exploded open … an opening had been created ……thanks to Dr.Psycho the bitch-fired-horseman who would rather lick a mare’s **** rather than live life like a good human being.

Details :

  1. At the sem’s beginning ….. “I am a full-fledged professor in IIIT.I dont care ’bout the dean,the institute,V.U.Reddy or anyone.I dont care ’bout ur marks…..I will finish u off if i dont like you ……”
  2. He gave assignments that devoured the time spared for other subjects ……so the bugger Dr.Psycho is supposed to give lenient grades since he gave soo much work.
  3. But instead the arse-f***er who choooosafies the vaginas of sordid pigs from MCH drainage dumps decides to give some brainless khumsi-khumsas (read mutated hormone-deficiency-syndrome buggers) good grades becoz he likes them.Agreed that gud ppl like CRT,YS,CHS,etc., deserve it but there r some who r what I called them to be …

    “if u disagree ….come to 133 …and I will lay ma best decree ” (know wat I mean …right??)

  4. Quoting the lanja-modda-labbhe (non-telugu pals read “sluttish-dickheaded-jabroni”) …” I dont care ’bout ya ppl ……. if u make me angry ….I will cut u all to pieces …. I will see that u dont get ur degrees….U will be finished “

He didn’t say the following words …. but his intention is crystal-clear …so my interpretation: “Give me a blow-job n I will give u an A….. I am a psychotic pervert,sadist,masochist ….. .I will drink and come to class …I wont deliver a proper lecture but will give assignments that will mass-bang ur arses off ur anatomies ….muhahahahaha …!!!”

In case ya think i am bluffing …..quoting Prof.VUR (one of the best professors) :”I can see whats happenning boys …..but what can I do ….dont know what to do with this man !!”.Yes!! Gud ol’ VUR said that ….YS,Gogs and CRT were there ….oh yeah!! I truly beleive ppl like Gogs,Abhiram,etc., deserved a better deal.

After all as far as I can remember Abhiram does sooo much work …while the Khumsi Khumsa (KK) dooD(they were partners in a course assignment) whiles away his time in gay-abandon.result : KK gets a better grade- …gud ol’ abhiram gets a B ….talk ’bout the unfair decrees of a “chootiya badko”

In the words of a gud frnd : “One who sends his wife to pigs to get boinked …. He himself waits for MULE (crossbreed) to suck its half Dick ….
Lavda Lanja Lafoot (LLL)
Gurram Dengina Gadidha Pooku
Veedi pellam pokku/guddalo … aids vachchina pandhi madda”

Rap of the day : (to be sung in the “Lose URSEL” tune)

“There’s a thing
I dont understand
why does a cum-sucka
like Dr.Psycho… in gud position land
Hope he gets fucked
By a perveted rock band
Or maybe sinks
In quicksand

Yo … the real psycho man ….
screw the real psycho man
whos the real psycho man
pls get fucked
or arse-sucked
or Eunuched !!!!

Still I dont get it
why hes soo fucked up
He’s a pervert
And has our brains for a sup
He rewards only those
Who act like his gud pet pup
Hope he gets screwed
By his own stinking burp …

Howzzat ….

Yo … the real psycho man ….
screw the real psycho man
whos the real psycho man
pls get fucked
or arse-sucked
or Eunuched !!!!

—-Crypt Master

Of being DrEaM-Headed

Had a dream last night ….. gud ol’ abbulugadu shrank back to a 10-yr old.

Dad just comes back(he was much younger) from work n sez …”Orey abbulu ga …. see what I bought for us …..”.We go out and me pleasantly surprised to see a brand new car ….. something like the one they show in one of the bond flicks.

Then dad lifts me up n tosses me in the back seat and takes a seat alongside.”Hey dad! Whos gonna drive?”
“I will”

“But …”

“Wait n watch ra …abbuluga!!”

(Oh! That reminded me….abbulu was the name my dad conjured up for me when I was 5 …… tch!tch!means like funny little fellow .Its been many long yrs ….. but the affability associated with it never palls away 🙂 ….now back to the dream-description ….. )

Dad takes a remote like in the James bond movie n starts driving the car ….. the ride was one helluva experience !!The car started flyin’ and dad took me to strange lands with goblins,fairies,teddy-bears ….Oh my gosh!!Now I lactually sound like a de-facto 10-yr old :))

Then dad vanished…the car vanished…..I am a 15-yr old …..and oh no!! Its her …her again …..

To me she’s X
My dream ..a perplex…

I run behind her …faster than I ran in the races 🙂 …..I shout …
“Oye!! I am sorry ..I didn’t mean to …”
She didn’t respond …. but the howling of the wind sounded like ….
“Shut up !!”
(I dont remember when ….but this happened before when I was 15 ..though I am not able to recall exactly when)

The glory of the sky returned …the rainbows came back …..I was 20 again back to my present form .Then it began to dawn upon that head of mine that I am in a dream …

“What if u r dreaming ….and never wake up …how will you know that you r dreaming ”
-Morpheus in “The Matrix”

There she is again ….. but oye!! I see mom too …but only a faint image like he holograms in Star Wars .

“Harish!! Dont get entangled in that mindset …..Its not true !! But if something’s bothering you you can talk to mummy”

Mom’s image vanishes …. and there she is …. coming to me ….I see her ….I am conjuring her face up …. its like the dream is in my control …..

“Oye!Harish Baba! How r u?”

“I told you to call me harish or even better, abbulu ”

“Okie :)) ”

“So wassup? Hey!! Tell me onething ..Do u still hate me …for the 10th thing”

“What u did was wrong ..Harish….I am sure even ur mom told u that”

“I am sorry …bizarre though it may sound after all these yrs”

“I never hated u ra …”

She smiles and vanishes ….and everything with her ….I wake up ..time’s 6:30AM ..time for PT….but ammamma (granma) once said
“Dreams that r manifested in the morning might come true ra chinna ”

I dont understand why but evry good dream gets firmly etched in that mind of mine no matter what the order of perplexity (whether zero or infinity) is ……. n I live in its hang-over trying to interpret it … for the rest of the day !! :-O


PS : But I know somewhere inside that steely heart of mine ..I feel at peace ..with a hope that I will be forgiven for what I did 6 yrs ago 😀

The one on IIIT Sports meet ‘05

This year’s sports meet was a rocking affair least to my eyes since I participated for the first time.

I got to write the description for the Prithvi flag (me being from PRITHVI of course).Must say I didn’t do a bad job.

I know that I wanted to defy the might of the Agnians….and also knew it to be Mission Impossible for a stupid first-timer like me.But I did make an attempt…. one of the most sincere ones I ever made in my whole life.

One of the most magnificient scenes during those 2 days ………….the 800 metres race (i cudn’t take part ‘coz of the maximum-3event-rule) .The description of the scene :

Raja reaches the finish line first…but doesn’t cross it…… he waits for aditya..and when aditya arrives….asks him to stop to…then says ‘Now!!’..and both of them finish at once.Talk ’bout selflessness and camrediere.

If only good ol’ abbulugadu had someone like that from Prithvi too.

Of course,I did get some medals here n there to show my mom 🙂 However none of my puny achievements were anywhere close to what Raja,Erra Balu,etc., did.

Anyway …. congrats to evryone concerned who made the sports meet one of the most memorable ever ….

ps : But the war doesn’t end there though ….!! One more yr ….and then one more shot at an opportunity !!!


Unto the last peace of monkey-thrash

Aaaahaa !!! Feels good to be back to a perfectly cheerful form again.Must indeed term it the “Return of the prodigal comedian/rapper/gossip-monger” 🙂

Something on the lines of what “THE ROCK” used to say :

“Finnnally… THE ROCK is back to what he does best ……ELECTRIFYING
nook n corner of the SMACK DOWN hotel”

– Dwayne “THE ROCK” Johnson

Anyway,last heard that the IIIT Mag’s undergoing a very uncoveted phase of internal politics and foul play …at least from what I heard from a very reliable source.Okay..the top league (meaning the editors ) is sincere and clean …but then the second layer below the top league serves like a perfect simile of falling from An Angels’ Domain to The sordid Swarms of the Nether world.
Dont worry folks ….once the unfair-devil (personification of the phase) is dealt with …it will stay down …hopefully for eternity :))
What else …OH HELL YEAH!! I almost forgot the “IIIT’S very own” gossip-saga.Assure u chums out there …gud ol’ abbulu’s already started his research ..hehe 😀

Practice for Sports meet goin’ on in full….. naah…. Hyper-mutato-amplified swing !!

Still hoping for LCS TA ship (Professors really play games sometimes )

Quote of the day :

“..and after all the smoke clears ….. the ppl are gonna see
every hunkering piece of monkey-crap getting kicked down the drain
one gr8 magnanimous electrifying moment of the PEOPLE’S CHAMPION”

— THE ROCK ( SummerSlam’98)

***Tagged but not gagged***

So Vasan tags me … but a good thing too …so laying the good ol’ smackdown on abbulu’s personal stuff :

Seven Things I want to do in my life:

1)Become successful (no idea how!!)
2)Erase my past before 2k
3)Go super-saiyan
4)Write a book called “Unto the last”
5)Derive a mathematical equation for love.
6)Reach the level of the “Dragon” in karate.
7)Learn to play basketball

Seven Things I can do :

1)Play futbol and cricket.
4)Make people ’round me happy
5)Wake up very early in the morning
6)Make even the calmest fella go beserk.
7)Break all my bones and still smile (‘coz I am so stupid)

Seven Things I say the most :

1)…and so good ol’ abbulugadu ….
2)Aiiii !! :-O
3)F**k the craphole !
4)”Control ayya..control ”
5)Yo dooD !! Wats cookin’ ?
7)Go in for the solo beat

Seven Things I can’t do :

1)Stop believing in HIM
2)Forget a good dream
3)Play volleyball
5)Stop myself from goin’ senti
6)Fully understand Prof.P.R.K.Rao’s lectures
7)Can’t pass a day without rapping at least once.

Seven Things that attract me to the opposite sex:

1)A face that strikes a chord somewhere inside(not necessarily a very beautiful face ….)
2)Hyper-swings between childishness and maturity
3)She exudes a familiarity, a sense of deja vu .
4)Laughs and asks me to shut up when I thrash-talk.
5)Hates my rapping but loves my poetry.
6)Can run fast
7)Can sing and/or dance well.

Seven Celebrity crushes: (actually 70 ..but filtering them down to 7)

1)Preity Zinta
2)Anjelina Jolie
3)Lindsay Lohan
4)Sophie Marceau
5)Jodie Foster (old lady …but can’t help it)
6)Penelope Cruz
7)Tara Reid

Seven people I tag :