The revival of the fellow called hope

Finally the battle is over (as of now) and good ol’ abbulugadu (just observed that I use the phase soo many times) is back to what he does best …… gossip,light-hearted stuff,humour-rapping,etc.,

In fact couldn’t sleep last night .Reasons :

  1. The prev 3 posts made me recollect all the long lost decrepancies in my life.After the inner conflict I was completely drained of my life’s essence,strength and …..well!!all that 🙂
  2. Got VUR’s proj. to submit …… and CSD has a tendency to go beserk ….I mean real-rage-filled,hyper-mutated,paranoia triggering,decibel shattering idiosyncrasy.But of course ….can’t help but appreciate the “perfectionist tendency” … so “I salute thee !!!”
  3. Came to know that “The Elite” (contextually from my point of view) are mighty pissed off with yours truly.

But like a hidden boon in a curse ……. HE had something else in store for my thinking 🙂

So good ol’ abbulugadu (oh no! not again) slogs all night searching for some blasted ,uncoveted (wrt me) theory issue in the project.Last night had been the longest night

“We see now the commencement of a darkness which
threatens to become eternal”

—– LOTR :Return of the king

And while I stayed in the lab all night ..taking breaks in between reading vasan’s blog .And as a result,the good things in life started surfacing 🙂 …how cheerfully I started this blog ….verses,thrash-talk,gossip,etc.,

And then at around 6:30 AM ,I sprang back to life! 😀 Thnx to Him and every one who looks at life cheerfully !! Boy !!Can I get senti sometimes ! 🙂

In the evening,sent a pep-talk kinda mail to fellow-prithvians for the Sports meet.

Still hoping to get LCS TAship 🙂


Verse of the day :

3 responses to “The revival of the fellow called hope

  1. dude.. u hav been tagged!! 😀
    u better start working on it.. ts not easy.. 😀

  2. Actually I had posted the prev comment without looking at th epost coz I was in a hurry. Now that I read ur post.. hmmm..

    wow.. am I that inspirational? Dude you are putting me under extreme pressure to come up with more insane posts.. 😛

    Thanx man.. I owe you one.. Finally I am good at something *yay!*

  3. Welcome back ol’ pal! welcome back !–>

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