***Tagged but not gagged***

So Vasan tags me … but a good thing too …so laying the good ol’ smackdown on abbulu’s personal stuff :

Seven Things I want to do in my life:

1)Become successful (no idea how!!)
2)Erase my past before 2k
3)Go super-saiyan
4)Write a book called “Unto the last”
5)Derive a mathematical equation for love.
6)Reach the level of the “Dragon” in karate.
7)Learn to play basketball

Seven Things I can do :

1)Play futbol and cricket.
4)Make people ’round me happy
5)Wake up very early in the morning
6)Make even the calmest fella go beserk.
7)Break all my bones and still smile (‘coz I am so stupid)

Seven Things I say the most :

1)…and so good ol’ abbulugadu ….
2)Aiiii !! :-O
3)F**k the craphole !
4)”Control ayya..control ”
5)Yo dooD !! Wats cookin’ ?
7)Go in for the solo beat

Seven Things I can’t do :

1)Stop believing in HIM
2)Forget a good dream
3)Play volleyball
5)Stop myself from goin’ senti
6)Fully understand Prof.P.R.K.Rao’s lectures
7)Can’t pass a day without rapping at least once.

Seven Things that attract me to the opposite sex:

1)A face that strikes a chord somewhere inside(not necessarily a very beautiful face ….)
2)Hyper-swings between childishness and maturity
3)She exudes a familiarity, a sense of deja vu .
4)Laughs and asks me to shut up when I thrash-talk.
5)Hates my rapping but loves my poetry.
6)Can run fast
7)Can sing and/or dance well.

Seven Celebrity crushes: (actually 70 ..but filtering them down to 7)

1)Preity Zinta
2)Anjelina Jolie
3)Lindsay Lohan
4)Sophie Marceau
5)Jodie Foster (old lady …but can’t help it)
6)Penelope Cruz
7)Tara Reid

Seven people I tag :


3 responses to “***Tagged but not gagged***

  1. You?? senti?? Can’t imagine it..
    Think the world doesnt know lotsa things about the good ol’ abbulugadu 😀

  2. hehe …. lots of hidden dimensions exist ol’ chum!! Honestly..they do!!

  3. rayden(u know me dont u?)

    knew it always kew u had a crush on that that Foster lady ..that too since 8th standard …. 😉

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