Unto the last peace of monkey-thrash

Aaaahaa !!! Feels good to be back to a perfectly cheerful form again.Must indeed term it the “Return of the prodigal comedian/rapper/gossip-monger” 🙂

Something on the lines of what “THE ROCK” used to say :

“Finnnally… THE ROCK is back to what he does best ……ELECTRIFYING
nook n corner of the SMACK DOWN hotel”

– Dwayne “THE ROCK” Johnson

Anyway,last heard that the IIIT Mag’s undergoing a very uncoveted phase of internal politics and foul play …at least from what I heard from a very reliable source.Okay..the top league (meaning the editors ) is sincere and clean …but then the second layer below the top league serves like a perfect simile of falling from An Angels’ Domain to The sordid Swarms of the Nether world.
Dont worry folks ….once the unfair-devil (personification of the phase) is dealt with …it will stay down …hopefully for eternity :))
What else …OH HELL YEAH!! I almost forgot the “IIIT’S very own” gossip-saga.Assure u chums out there …gud ol’ abbulu’s already started his research ..hehe 😀

Practice for Sports meet goin’ on in full….. naah…. Hyper-mutato-amplified swing !!

Still hoping for LCS TA ship (Professors really play games sometimes )

Quote of the day :

“..and after all the smoke clears ….. the ppl are gonna see
every hunkering piece of monkey-crap getting kicked down the drain
one gr8 magnanimous electrifying moment of the PEOPLE’S CHAMPION”

— THE ROCK ( SummerSlam’98)

6 responses to “Unto the last peace of monkey-thrash

  1. nice to know that even u came back to your gud ole self
    lets rock IIITH 😀

  2. keka!! The good ol abbulugadu is back and so is the optimist in VBH.. So what r we waitin for?? BTW i dint get what u were trying to tell in the post bout MAG.. will talk tyu later in private.. So long..

  3. hai baba ..itz cool that you are back to your good oldself….keep it up sweetheart

  4. So as abbulu alwasy sez …… wat we r gonna do is to take all the monkey-thrash in IIIT wipe them down the drains….turn them sidewasy n kick them up sky-high ….muhhahaha…

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