The one on IIIT Sports meet ‘05

This year’s sports meet was a rocking affair least to my eyes since I participated for the first time.

I got to write the description for the Prithvi flag (me being from PRITHVI of course).Must say I didn’t do a bad job.

I know that I wanted to defy the might of the Agnians….and also knew it to be Mission Impossible for a stupid first-timer like me.But I did make an attempt…. one of the most sincere ones I ever made in my whole life.

One of the most magnificient scenes during those 2 days ………….the 800 metres race (i cudn’t take part ‘coz of the maximum-3event-rule) .The description of the scene :

Raja reaches the finish line first…but doesn’t cross it…… he waits for aditya..and when aditya arrives….asks him to stop to…then says ‘Now!!’..and both of them finish at once.Talk ’bout selflessness and camrediere.

If only good ol’ abbulugadu had someone like that from Prithvi too.

Of course,I did get some medals here n there to show my mom 🙂 However none of my puny achievements were anywhere close to what Raja,Erra Balu,etc., did.

Anyway …. congrats to evryone concerned who made the sports meet one of the most memorable ever ….

ps : But the war doesn’t end there though ….!! One more yr ….and then one more shot at an opportunity !!!


10 responses to “The one on IIIT Sports meet ‘05

  1. the whole of IIIT is discussing abt this pruthvian called abulugadu’s brave effort to dethrone the agnians….
    next time nenu niiku competition istha le.. :p

  2. thnx ra 🙂 i will always continue this war … someday i will see the light at the end of the tunnel

  3. donno abt the whole IIIT but I am appreciating ur sincere effort. nuvvu asalu keka.

  4. to anonymoous dude :

    keko kaado teliyadu kaani …thnx. buddy ..whoever u r 🙂

  5. nice dude.. u prevented an agnian sweep.. Hats off!!

  6. nice work man …

    the sad thing was that aakash lost :(( even though we kicked ass in all the team games

    ps – next year i might also be there ;p

  7. to ud ol’ optimist pal :

    Thnx. … hope there r more rebels like me nxt yr. 😀

  8. to gud ol’ birthday boy :

    welcome dooD …. witnessed a good deal of IV the geek… awaiting the homecoming of IV the sportsman :))

  9. hey dude It seems that you are unaware of my fawning admiration

  10. the deals on those bats is good

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