Spawning the darkling

Revelation 12:7-10 – And there was war in heaven: Michael and his angels fought against the dragon; and the dragon fought and his angels,
And prevailed not; neither was their place found any more in heaven. And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which deceiveth the whole world: he was cast out into the earth, and his angels were cast out with him. And I heard a loud voice saying in heaven, Now is come salvation, and strength, and the kingdom of our God, and the power of his Christ: for the accuser of our brethren is cast down, which accused them before our God day and night.
This blog is a rip-off from abbulugadu’s GHARSHANA .Finally The Crypt exploded open … an opening had been created ……thanks to Dr.Psycho the bitch-fired-horseman who would rather lick a mare’s **** rather than live life like a good human being.

Details :

  1. At the sem’s beginning ….. “I am a full-fledged professor in IIIT.I dont care ’bout the dean,the institute,V.U.Reddy or anyone.I dont care ’bout ur marks…..I will finish u off if i dont like you ……”
  2. He gave assignments that devoured the time spared for other subjects ……so the bugger Dr.Psycho is supposed to give lenient grades since he gave soo much work.
  3. But instead the arse-f***er who choooosafies the vaginas of sordid pigs from MCH drainage dumps decides to give some brainless khumsi-khumsas (read mutated hormone-deficiency-syndrome buggers) good grades becoz he likes them.Agreed that gud ppl like CRT,YS,CHS,etc., deserve it but there r some who r what I called them to be …

    “if u disagree ….come to 133 …and I will lay ma best decree ” (know wat I mean …right??)

  4. Quoting the lanja-modda-labbhe (non-telugu pals read “sluttish-dickheaded-jabroni”) …” I dont care ’bout ya ppl ……. if u make me angry ….I will cut u all to pieces …. I will see that u dont get ur degrees….U will be finished “

He didn’t say the following words …. but his intention is crystal-clear …so my interpretation: “Give me a blow-job n I will give u an A….. I am a psychotic pervert,sadist,masochist ….. .I will drink and come to class …I wont deliver a proper lecture but will give assignments that will mass-bang ur arses off ur anatomies ….muhahahahaha …!!!”

In case ya think i am bluffing …..quoting Prof.VUR (one of the best professors) :”I can see whats happenning boys …..but what can I do ….dont know what to do with this man !!”.Yes!! Gud ol’ VUR said that ….YS,Gogs and CRT were there ….oh yeah!! I truly beleive ppl like Gogs,Abhiram,etc., deserved a better deal.

After all as far as I can remember Abhiram does sooo much work …while the Khumsi Khumsa (KK) dooD(they were partners in a course assignment) whiles away his time in gay-abandon.result : KK gets a better grade- …gud ol’ abhiram gets a B ….talk ’bout the unfair decrees of a “chootiya badko”

In the words of a gud frnd : “One who sends his wife to pigs to get boinked …. He himself waits for MULE (crossbreed) to suck its half Dick ….
Lavda Lanja Lafoot (LLL)
Gurram Dengina Gadidha Pooku
Veedi pellam pokku/guddalo … aids vachchina pandhi madda”

Rap of the day : (to be sung in the “Lose URSEL” tune)

“There’s a thing
I dont understand
why does a cum-sucka
like Dr.Psycho… in gud position land
Hope he gets fucked
By a perveted rock band
Or maybe sinks
In quicksand

Yo … the real psycho man ….
screw the real psycho man
whos the real psycho man
pls get fucked
or arse-sucked
or Eunuched !!!!

Still I dont get it
why hes soo fucked up
He’s a pervert
And has our brains for a sup
He rewards only those
Who act like his gud pet pup
Hope he gets screwed
By his own stinking burp …

Howzzat ….

Yo … the real psycho man ….
screw the real psycho man
whos the real psycho man
pls get fucked
or arse-sucked
or Eunuched !!!!

—-Crypt Master

16 responses to “Spawning the darkling

  1. Bow to the new lord of darkness …. :-O

  2. welcome to the club of the people fucked arbitrarily by professors for almost absolutely no fault of theirs

    PFABPFANOT (read pee-fab-faa-not)

    there are a few more like that here (read my blog to refresh your memory)

  3. This post has been removed by the author.

  4. Dude u spoke my heart…….every word of it is a truth as if spoken by some angel…….i appreciate and hope you will keep up the spirit…..GOOD WORK

  5. Remorse Stricken Btechite

    Baba i must admit, i loved each and every part of ur post.
    U have echoed sentiments of most of us very well.
    I have the same questions abt that (u know who) gettin A-.
    and BTW what grade did KRR’s other fav get(i heard he was a lil pissed wid her/his towards the end)

  6. ur Gud Frend in that article

    All the words in ur article are [100*(sadism of KRR)]% correct ….. we know that his sadism is approximately infinite ….

  7. to IV :

    yes ol’ chum i will certainly do that

  8. to 2nd anonymous dooD :

    Thnx pal …thnx. a lot … but I am no angel …but not Lucifer either …just an ordinary human being exuding an ordinary human rxn 🙂

  9. to remorse stricken Btechite :

    glad ya liked it 🙂 Will only post what my heart posts in this blog

  10. to gud frnd. :

    arey mama ur para was de facto one of the most powerful ever … will regularly invite u to write ur powerful lines now n then … 🙂

  11. an old friend from school

    After all these yrs …. ra rey ..after 7 long yrs … u r finally back …. by what I saw of ur Crypt avatar 7 yrs ago ….Oh my God!! IIIT will never be the same again …

  12. IIIT ****s big time. What the hell are these profs are going to get by doing all this shit?? They event dont konw want they are teaching and wants us to do all the shitty assignments and finnally they ll f*** us.
    We also faced the same prob dude! We have dont lot of work in MAS, just its like hell to do all things what ever he says and finally we f****ed by W grade. Its all bull****.
    If our co-ordinjator itself do like this whom can we ask??

    Our director says that his dream is to make this institute a world class institute. What i think is it cannot be done untill director changes aswellas some profs.

    Why the hell they have to involve in student life?? Here everyting sucks. Why the f*** is that attendance is compulsary, becos they know that students wont come to attend their boring and worth less classes. Why the the hell they advanced our BTP?? becos they dont have ne plan and do all experiments which will result in a disaster of student life. and even they are not able to gaurantees that we are going to get some good job with handsom salary.

    This is not at all research institute. A professior who does not know ne subject teaches that and does research in that area.

    Why hell we have to do all that courses which are not at all useful and THEY GIVE US ASSIGNMENTS WHICH ARE IRRILAVANT TO THE COURSE.

    I ll continue the things in next post…

  13. to npk :

    dont worry mama … stay cool …we have a good huge number of fellas in IIIT who r suffering …. talk to ur pals (inc. me 😀 ) blog it all ….n if there’s truth it all …. justice will be delivered someday …. but me dont know how.

  14. u r all cultureless fellas

  15. dooD if u think the jeopardizing a students’s grade just for the heck of it …is CULTURE …. there is something wrong with ur mental stability

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