CS 1.6 lands me in a fix

So good ol’ me decides to enact a comeback to Counter Strike.I was a sorta above average player ..I must say …though nowhere close to the top league in IIIT.
That was before I quit.Last nite , I decide to play again.And boy!! I got screwed big time …I mean even gud ol’ Lilligadu fared much better than me ….that sez it all ’bout of the magnitude of my degradation.Oh boy ….. feel like doin’ the poet routine again ….. 😀

Dunno what came over me
Decided to go on a gamin’ spree
Counter striked from 10 to 11
And scored a 1 against 7
It was a disaster u see 😦

My spirits were bright
And my strategy was right
Even then , fared worse than DVL
Glad it wasn’t aired on world-tel
I know this lament sounds trite !!

Now I feel like playin’ age
A game thats now vintage
But me too scared to play
So this plan ? Got to delay
Lest I get a frustoo rage 😮

Now,Sairaj’s gamin’ n shoutin’ “Nee ayyah!!”
I honestly think i shud stop this idea
I’ll remove the hed-phones from the ports
And instead ….go play sports …
Ok folks !! Bye and see ya …. 🙂

4 responses to “CS 1.6 lands me in a fix

  1. aye ..ah! u n poetry .. never
    imagined !
    awesome work dood! pls post some more..

  2. hey thnx dooD … glad u liked it ….will make sure there r verses inevery post of mine :))

  3. hey, dont give up yet …

    its just a question of getting used to it …

    if thats not true then I may also resign 😀 …

  4. to IV :

    yo thnx man …. needed that one 😀

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