The dream-HeD , the ladies and the khumsi-khumsa

and so I was on my way home via the local MMTS.In case you are cogitating over the identity of the dreaM-head in the title ..its me 🙂

Then it happens so that a couple of girls boarded the train-bogey in which good ol’ abbulugadu was sitting.It was a pretty crowded place with all kinds of road-romeos standing akimbo in a manner that suggests their gross stupidity more tha anything else 😮

Anyway I was in one my good boy appearances …. tilak on forehead (visited the temple ) , tucked in ..u know the formal cover of the muhahahahaha …..

So the girls decide to sit opposite the good boy rather than the street goondas (if they only knew my CryptMaster side … gosh! they wud be scarrredd )Then the dream-head in me notices that one of the girls was very much like some-know-who !! But naah!! If it was that person ..I would have known 🙂 ..n moreover .. me certain that she would impulsively hack me to death !!

Anyway the khumsi-khumsa or hijra makes appears n starts asking ppl for dakshin . The great street romeos had to oblige and give him money as they did’t want to get bugged! Then the forbidden-creature comes to me and upon my reluctance (I didn’t have change …u dont expect me to give him a 100, do you ?)..went into an undefined state of verbal abuse.

Then came my show-stoppin’ routine.I flash out my ID (IIIT’s ..hehe) and tell him aloud soem random name n then ” IPS …. crime branch ” The fella (surely an uneducated fool) gets shit-scared ..says “maaf kardo sarkar ” and jumps off the train.

1st girl : Sir! U r police ??
abbulu : Take a look !!

I hand over the card n then drop the punchline “I’m just a stoodent having some fun :D”

5 responses to “The dream-HeD , the ladies and the khumsi-khumsa

  1. ROFL!!
    btw .. don’t tell us that u did this only to have some fun 😉
    pls elaborate on the gal’s reaction after seeing ur ID card..

  2. hey .. a guy’s wits sure work overtime if there r gud lookin’ gals around 😉 … oh she had a expression that wud linger somewhere between “surprised” and “impressed” :))

  3. or was the reaction somewhere between surprised, shocked, irritated and angered?.. hehe JK.. I wish I cud hav been there to see the reaction of those hijras.. and the gals of course..

  4. they were obviously impressed at my wits-thing dooD .. at least thats wat i wud like to think 🙂

  5. u r a smugger

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