2k5’s grand finale of posts

….so taking a cue from iv and vasan I really dragged myself to write(read type) this post 🙂

This New year’s eve I was presented with two options smacked up my face this morning :

  1. Go with parents and sister to a family get to-gether .. (ours is a big one ..dad’s got 3 sisters n 2 bro.s..n of course their kids ..oh! not exactly kids ..more or less my age)
  2. Got a call from an ol’ school frnd. of mine … new year bash at some new venue..u know ..DJ nite, ladies et al 😀

Now my dad wants me to come along with him to u-know(now dad.being a stupendously pragmatic person gets senti rarely..yup!Even the ruf’n’tuff me gets emotional more often) …but in the morning all dad’s come-to-family-party-routine seemed to me was like some forlorn hegemony brought out to stultify my yearning to enjoy !(if u call that enjoyment)

Then the raati-gunde (me) took an afternoon seista and woke up.Dad was watchhing a movie.When he saw me..just told me the following words

Orey abbulu ! Dont mind me ra … u r a grown up lad now ..do whatever u wish to do ..just be careful huh … return home soon … rowdy sheeters prowl around during the post-new-yr-hours”

I looked into dad’s eyes seeking signs of anger,sadness,etc., Naah! Told ya dad is one mundo-practical-amigo !!He was smiling all along ..watching TV.He wasn’t angry or something ..and even after I did my super-mutated-rebel-routine in the morning ..was concerned about me returning home safely (Hey!! Isn’t that mom’s part of the script ?)

I began to be struck by an element of some sort of realization …but unable to decipher the thought exactly.Then there was this “Kalisunte Kaladhu Sukham …” song comin’ in TV.

Voila! Thats it … my stupid reluctance to deign to dad’s so-called authority was all crap-shit!!No.. not the rebel-thing..my dad!He always left me to my free-will in the end..n moreover what better way to spend new yr than with one’s family 🙂 esp. when all my cousins are gonna come.

Now things r beginning to brighten up … my cousin’s friends r gonna be there too …muhahaha ..her friends..girls!! 😀
U see more probability of striking a conversation … hehe than at the discotheque 😮

All this while I had been purblind to the de facto essence of happiness ..it doesn’t lie in drinks,discos,etc., but in being with those who really love you ….btw wish u all a happy new year and may God bless you.

PS1 : hehe … but i am goin’ for the pal-bash too ..u see got it postponed to tomorrow evening 😉

PS2 : Not goin’ to waste my time anymore over the post-dream-experiments !! U see …
To love is happiness …to be loved is a blessing!!” …. doesn’t matter if I am not blessed ..good ol’ abbulugadu’s feelings will live forever ….so goin’ to be happy anyway 🙂

3 responses to “2k5’s grand finale of posts

  1. hmmmmmmm….
    So how many girls did u end up talking to? Did ya note any phone numbers? And yes dads are kinda cool, but do get senti and protective now n then. Nice to read the post.. And a very Happy and prosperous new year


  2. thnx. man n same to u 🙂

    Ya dads rock !!

    Got some no.s .. luckily the girls knew IIIT 😉 …. I did a little poetry routine ..n well!! they liked it 🙂

  3. hey baba,

    i did really like to see nice post from u. not the fictitious shit like these

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