An episode from the crypt

So everything was going fine ….. the perfect hunky-dory kind of scenario. I never really forsaw that I might be opening the Crypt Master part of my blog for quite some time to come.

Until last night … when I had a couple of dreams ..rather eerie but enigmatic visions.

Dream 1 :

I was an old book-collector.I happened to visit an old dilapidated library in the middle of nowhere .It looked like a puny little hut from the superficial exterior … but was like a colossal castle of sorts when I entered. After walking for KMs …I came across a spooky-book about Gargoyles .I bought it (it filled in me a sense of deja vu’ ).

It did contain a no-way-modicum collection of silhouettes of Gargoyles….and then I found him ..the master of all .. Goliath they called him ..felt it was me in a prev. birth L ( !!!! ) ……and then I disappeared ..n then standing before me was the librarian !! He wasn’t human ..more like a carving on stone …more like a gargoyle.. more like a..oh no!!! Goliath!!I stood there brandishing a claymore (a double-edged sword) ..for an eternal battle …with the demons of my unforgettable past ?!?! ….a battle I know will result in my final doom :-X

Interval :

I woke up with a start …gave a clout in the air …looked at the Rudraksh I wore and said :”It was a dream bobs ..only a dream!!”I went to sleep again …. (time 1:40 AM)

Dream 2 :

I was myself ..u know good ol’ abbulu et al 🙂 ……. I was on a road…Community Hall Road,S.R.Nagar be precise (my residential locality)

But there was not a soul on the streets…obviously ‘coz they were sleeping.It was dark was raining .But I wasn’t getting drenched..u see ‘coz the rain was regurgitating upwards just before coming into contact with me !?!? :O Then I saw him .. who was he?? He was an ol’ man …bald-heDed ,pale,a white morbid complexion….if there ever was an entity for substantially describing an acronym for “sordid”..he was standing there…

“Hello sir!U waiting for someone ?”

“Perhaps not …or perhaps for u child…for I saw in you or rather Crypt-Master (as u call your-angry-self) those spasms of bitterness that are in me !!”

“So why r u…sad?” “I led a rebellion … but He won!”

“Who is he ? ” “The one u always believed in ….” “I am sorry ,sir..but I ..I am unable to comprehend ur words 😦 !”

“Sir! If I may ask…who r u ? ”

Lucifer !!”

The End :

I shuddered and woke up.The time was 4:00AM ……. for those who are innocent enough not to know ..Lucifer was the real name of the Devil before he fell into eternal damnation!!

Rap of the day :

“If so thinks Lucifer .
That I understand,
That I can decipher
The visionary situation
His indirect prophecies
With a feeling of obligation ..
I can only tell him …
“Not interested in ur salvation !”
‘Coz though I am a crypt-dude
I ‘m filled with trepidation …
In selling u my soul ..
And fallin’ in eternal damnation !!”

— Crypt Master

2 responses to “An episode from the crypt

  1. got to tell u dooD that was scary …. [shudder]–>

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