Definiton :
“Exablog is defined as an arbitrary blog written to distract the blogger’s mind from the paranoia of examinations “

Deterministic Eqn :
Exam + Blog = Exablog.

Oh well!!Finally I get to write a post in the new year(i mean in this blog of mine 😮 … already started blogging on the dark-side)

The other day,IV went like ….

“What happened to ur blogging thing man ? Its like abbulu went into hibernation or something”.

So here i am dude !
Pls dont intrude
While I sit
and Brood!!

Me really clueless regarding what to do about the mid-sems ….esp. paranoid about Prof.PRK’s Comm. Networks.

The only I can hope for some sorta salvation is Philosophy …unless good ol’ Dr.Bal decides to get strict.

What else ? Oh yeah …recently discovered that I have been playing Counter Strike quite a lot these days….must say i am no. 1 in IIIT……. but from the last 😮

….oh yeah!was mighty confi. that my stupid Felicity-taglines will win the voting routine …but they weren’t good enough ! 😦

And …I dont understand why I feel that girls think I am abusing them when I try to strike a conversation ? 😮

10 responses to “EXABLOG !!!

  1. As far as prof.Bal is concerned, the question is can u write fast and fill 3 extra sheets. As far as mid-sems are concerned, blah!! who bothers now..there are 3 more days.

    ok, in counter strike i am the no.1 player from the last…no debate on this pls.

  2. Gus u r right man .. me unecessarily worrying my bheja off …hehe ..gus i have to fill up pages ..so will get my hands massaged or something 😀

  3. exablog is a nice coinage 😀

  4. Aaaah… finally u upadted the blog..
    Like IV u r also coining new terms which is very encouraging.. Philosophy lite le.. I am sure u’ll do well. And Mr. Bal being strict?? =)) get real..

  5. to halley :
    thnx. man … probably the darkest of times give rise to novel mind-stuff ?!?!

  6. to optimist :

    Finally things r gettin’ back to normal … in fact u updated ur blog after quite sometime …so me thought I will do the good thing too … (of course Crypt was always in action …muhahahaha …err ….ahem!!)–>

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