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The dawn of the IIITian Iron-age

Recently I witnessed a positive fact that lots of guys (and maybe ladies ….which I dont know about)are taking to the gym these days.Even the number of people jogging around the campus is increasing day by day.Gr8 Going pals! 🙂
Anyway thought I too would give a helping hand (or rather blog) by posting info on basic routines and related stuff

So happy gymmin’ and slimmin’


Thought : “Its not whether you have a good body or not, its about the way you feel about yourself.So be positive

A romantic ??

Just recently Mr.(so n so) asked me :

“orey mama!! You rap and write these gossip poems! Can’t you use these for something better !! ”

“What do you have in mind ?”

You see this guy has a love story of his own.No! I am not revealing anything case of doubts refer to the confession 🙂

So I took it upon myself to write a poem(for that lady so he can use it to propose !) in the classic style with a true-blue romantic pattern .And boy! It came out well!!But I am not putting it down here since …well! Its for a pal and the copyrights belong to him! 😉

Its like this thought suddely struck me ! If I can rap about people’s affairs , jeopardise the reputations of some people (remember the Crypt Master) , why not use it for the ..what do I call it .. power of the good ??

Maybe then, when I get slam-dunked in Hell (in my after-life) I might just hope to get a discount on the damnation

Anyway there’s one more thought which just refuses to budge from my head :

To love is happiness ….to be loved by that person is a blessing. Doesn’t matter if I am not blessed …. I am happy ” 🙂

…. just wondering ..was it actually a more mellow side of my mind..or should I say heart(I am sweet-talking !?!? )


ps : IV !!Thnx for the compliment! But u were always “uber” in every thing !!Anyway I will try my best to adhere to what you said 😀

ps1 :Hope the guy makes his love story a success! Earnestly put my soul into it !!(What to do? Trying to turn over a new leaf ;))

RK’s always like that…

RK is the man who’s pretty cool …naah!!Totally cool ‘coz you never see him panic !! But yet the guy so incessantly manages to do the preternaturally-bizzare routines over and over again.Recently he crossed the physical barriers and entered people’s dreams too !! 😀

So A got this dream about all kinds of terrorists about to terminate him  .But he sorta had supernatural powers . So he managed to escape.He continued to fight monsters,ghouls,dragons and what not!!In the end,thrashing all of them away,he went home and voila!the gr8est demon of them all …RK was waiting….he started his super-duper-thash talk routine and A ended up beating his head in disgust.

In the real world the dream-effect was such that A actually swiped his head hard with his hand.So the whole of today,he’s been suffering from a head-ache !!


ps : But life’s pretty boring without RK around.He annoys you soooo much that you can’t help but laugh at it all 🙂

ps1 : He can be sent as competition to the most annoying creature in the world what was that frog’s name ??

ps3 :
Ok so …

gotto go..

or mind’s gonna blow …

coz’ RK’s coming

.guess its end of the show
ps4: This is a crap post …but Vasan and Halley insisted on me posting something ….

Heralding the real light in the darkness …

Good to be back in blogdom after a long time 🙂

It so happens that all my life I lived with an abstract image of her.Then somewhere down the line this mind of mine got so corrupted that I stopped believing in her.

So guess that made me exude so much indecency towards THE PPL [;)]

But recently a very good friend pointed out ..”U know what ra ! Being EVIL doesn’t really suit you!”The rest of the conversation is too long to type [I am tired folks!Just returned from my stupid joggin’ routine 🙂 ]

Anyway finally my eyes have opened up to reality !


No more imprudent gossip,no more mud-slinging…AND YES guess we can bid adieu to the Crypt Master.


PS1: Lost to Vikas in arm-wrestling. (That was a good start.I actually confessed) But will beat him someday …maybe in a month or two 😉

PS2: I am still scared to believe in her.Naah!Wtf? She doesn’t exist anyway ..?!?!

PS3:I am not softening up exactly ..just case pals want support in some kinda conflict ..they know who’s there 😀 for them !

Running isn’t exactly easy

This is not exactly a new beginning but I think I will need some time to get used to wordpress …. anyway….

I always thought life had it easy for me …thought evrything’s hunky-dory ….what with the spatial division of temperaments between the Crypt-Master and abbulu

But naah!! Things dont go that way they !

Me running in the morning like a idiot on fire !! But is all that worth something ??


ps1 :Should thank Raja for inspiring me long long ago to run and that being the inspiration behind the blog’s name…

ps2 :Observing halley‘s frequency of posts and his postal-content (well!most of them) really is a gr8 thing.Here is at least one fellow who posts his heart and mind out

ps3: Using this “ps” routine is not a plagiarism of IV ‘S style is rather a tribute to a gr8 mind who’s got a cool blogging style 🙂

The big leap ….

Making a transition over to wordpress 🙂

Its gonna be bigger,bouncier and you got it ..more ELECTRIFYING !!

PS1 : Now IV will say I am obsessed with electrifying ..heh ..btw thanks for the blogger-to-wordpress-inspiration ol’ pal 😀

PS2: Vasan ga …in case u r searching for ur tag result I am gonna write it down in wordpress ..okay kadaa ? 🙂


…and so good ol’ me comes back with a new concept :THE OSCARS & THE RAZZIES for the love-birds in IIIT.

In no way is the evaluation based on the one-sided or mutual cases!! Its based purely on the basis of well …….. the intensity,sincerity …. 😉

No jeopardisation of feelings intended … but this is what I see …So here goes my humble decree


The occassion’s Valentine’s day
So I declare the results today
Undoubtedly the 1st place
Hear !…..goes to Mr ‘n’ Ms. A
Goin’ steady at a scorching pace ?!

Next,the 2nd place of fame
Goes to gud ol’ Mr.V
The pioneer of decency
But can’t reveal the lady’s name
‘coz “BASHING UP” = his game

Lets create one more slot
A really close 3rd spot
It goes to the cool fella ..Mr.R
Who meets her “baar baar”
Gus he’s justified in this blogspot 😉


And now my dear friend
Is presented a different trend

The super-crappish affairs
From confusion they cant bend
So gus they can’t have any airs!

The winners for the worst
Are Ms.C and the other Mr.V
I humbly lay a decree
That this razzies’ first
Is just gonna burst !

Oye …. listen!My dear amigo..
2nd is the tall fella_ug3
With her..he’s so free
N me …like a lame flamingo
When I see them…I get a vertigo !! :))


As for the good guy ..thats me 😉
From curiosity,mind’s not free
Still dont believe this concept
And whatever you percept
I will surely agree … 🙂