Post Felicity 2K6

To God ,
Pls read this one coz’:
1)I am actually ,wholeheartedly thanking you
2)I am doing it at 3:00AM in the morning.

Many ppl in my life like say,my Granma ,a gud pal BK ,etc., always keep making statements like “Success comes with hard work …n the magnitude of success depends on the magnitude of hard-work”

I was so fking tense 3 days ago thinking how felicity wud go …..once, i even told M “I will sell my soul to the devil to make Felicity come out well”.Gus that hurt you or something ..naah!U r God after all ..n me just puny little abbulu 🙂
Anyway,Felicity’s a hit ….. thanks to u and every one who worked hard for it !

Thank you for evrything.U made IIIT prove that small budget endeavours (no celebrity nite…Mother Jane is not more than semi-celebrity!!)mite just turn out better than mega-budget extravaganzas if there’s hard work and I believe thats what draws your mighty hand too 😉
Cya 🙂
—-good ol’ me
PS :But pls make sure that you reform the mentalities of thoses ppl who still curse their own fest even though it came out well.As for describing them I leave it to the Crypt Master.

8 responses to “Post Felicity 2K6

  1. yeah! Felicity really rocked ..
    I appreciate your strong willpower that even made you to sell your soul to me 😉


  2. Great work people. I liked the ambience and the quality of performances. Let us just top tis next year.

    Congrats to all those who are involved.

    BTW, are there any t-shirts still available.

  3. MANY +ves and FEW -ves::
    yeah! the felicity was a real feast for me!! i personally enjoyed it.
    as far as celebrity nite is concerned, doesnt make much difference if hes a semi celebrity or well renowned in the sense that we(if not me) just dance in rythm to the beats of gitar and drums. this time even the mr. and ms. felicity show really was really great ,irrespective of who had won the title.
    but having said that … many of us were not satisfied with the MR. felicity decision …i mean in the first place a 3rd year guy shoud not be participating they are organisers.and even if he participated he shudnt have been awarded the MR.felicity(even if he really deserved) as it has raised many criticisms and doubts (like many say that he already knew the quesions b4 hand , the judges were his friends)…leaving these things aside ,i personally think that the first year guy shud have been awarded the title the sense that it wudnt have raised any criticisms and also that he deserved it. most of the points i have mentioned here are also the opinions of my, i hope himanshu doesnt get offended by these comments and understant my candid opinions, i am daring to publish this with identity being revealed.
    any comments on this will be highly appreciated

  4. I second krishnakanth..
    Also another problem that we are facing right now is with respect to finance. We should have gone for sponsorships much before when we actually went.. But because of this problem now, most of da event organisers hav had to cut down on the prize money and THIS is kinda demeaning for the insti.. But the main nites rocked.. No doubt.. 3 cheers for Halley 🙂

  5. krishnakanth dooD …welcome to my blog ra.

    Bold statements man … gus u r goin’ into the abbulu/optimist/halley mould .So welcome to the club!

  6. to optimist :

    Avunu ra mama … must agree that Halley literally wotked his arse off

    Though we started late …we approached more number of potential sponsors than our seniors did in 2k5 … but as u say… gus the time was too short to concretise the dealings.

  7. hei,did you receive any comments on your anchoring?.. your “WELCOME TO MR AND MRS FELICITY” simply rocked man..keep the good work..

  8. hey thnx a lot man …actually it was inpromptu …but will surely perfetc the act with time …. hopefully u guys will see it again in Farewell,Felicity’07 …thnx for the encouragement

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