…and so good ol’ me comes back with a new concept :THE OSCARS & THE RAZZIES for the love-birds in IIIT.

In no way is the evaluation based on the one-sided or mutual cases!! Its based purely on the basis of well …….. the intensity,sincerity …. 😉

No jeopardisation of feelings intended … but this is what I see …So here goes my humble decree


The occassion’s Valentine’s day
So I declare the results today
Undoubtedly the 1st place
Hear !…..goes to Mr ‘n’ Ms. A
Goin’ steady at a scorching pace ?!

Next,the 2nd place of fame
Goes to gud ol’ Mr.V
The pioneer of decency
But can’t reveal the lady’s name
‘coz “BASHING UP” = his game

Lets create one more slot
A really close 3rd spot
It goes to the cool fella ..Mr.R
Who meets her “baar baar”
Gus he’s justified in this blogspot 😉


And now my dear friend
Is presented a different trend

The super-crappish affairs
From confusion they cant bend
So gus they can’t have any airs!

The winners for the worst
Are Ms.C and the other Mr.V
I humbly lay a decree
That this razzies’ first
Is just gonna burst !

Oye …. listen!My dear amigo..
2nd is the tall fella_ug3
With her..he’s so free
N me …like a lame flamingo
When I see them…I get a vertigo !! :))


As for the good guy ..thats me 😉
From curiosity,mind’s not free
Still dont believe this concept
And whatever you percept
I will surely agree … 🙂

14 responses to “IIIT’s very own : THE VALENTINE AWARDS

  1. fellow IIITian.. :D

    oye fellow !! nice creative job man … but gus this code-poem is the toughest among all of ur …u know GOSSIP-POEMS …cudn,t decrypt this one :O

  2. Bravo Bravo!!
    So finally the results are out.. The jury has done justice to all the affairs. Some old.. some new.. some strong and some..
    I knew I was forgetting something.. I had missed the evening news.. Can I watch the repeat telecast of the razzies?

    P.S: BTW Can I tag you? For the perfect lover.. Thought its better to ask you before tagging.. dont wanna face Mr. cryptmaster you know.. :-ss

  3. to fellow IIITian :

    ya … coded this one with higher complexity … hehe 😉

  4. to optimist :

    hehe .. Crypt’s taking a break ra mama … btw ya ..I will fulfill the tagging requirements ASAP 😀

  5. This post has been removed by the author.

  6. oooh maan !! plzzz dont do that again ! …. I dont like someone analysing some others’ personal life. Hope you get me correctly (as i want to be a bit ambiguos in expressing my thought).

  7. orey Vikas … I couldn’t identify the people in abbulu’s poem ….but ‘coz of ur comment ..its pretty obvious that u r there in the poem somewhere !!!:O

    So y do u blame baba ? He’s trying his best to entertain yet maintain the identity of the people involved !!

  8. I guess Ntr says it all ..U r worried ’bout me n my comic-poems …but u urself are sending indications man 😉

  9. ECE Roczzzz.. As does Baba

  10. U-P-D-A-T-E!!

    dont gimme the mid sems round the corner excuse.. just post some crap naa 😛 coz u wont be posting till wed again.. right?

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  12. thats gutsy !!! Good work 🙂

  13. hehe ..thnx 😀

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