Running isn’t exactly easy

This is not exactly a new beginning but I think I will need some time to get used to wordpress …. anyway….

I always thought life had it easy for me …thought evrything’s hunky-dory ….what with the spatial division of temperaments between the Crypt-Master and abbulu

But naah!! Things dont go that way they !

Me running in the morning like a idiot on fire !! But is all that worth something ??


ps1 :Should thank Raja for inspiring me long long ago to run and that being the inspiration behind the blog’s name…

ps2 :Observing halley‘s frequency of posts and his postal-content (well!most of them) really is a gr8 thing.Here is at least one fellow who posts his heart and mind out

ps3: Using this “ps” routine is not a plagiarism of IV ‘S style is rather a tribute to a gr8 mind who’s got a cool blogging style 🙂

5 responses to “Running isn’t exactly easy

  1. Not inspired by Forrest Gump :-?? Anyways, feels nice to comment first on your blog 😀

  2. hey, i am second to comment.

    why not import the blog from blogger?

  3. @ IV :
    yeah iv i will do that

  4. @ Pranav :
    Namskaram Pranavgaru!! Welcome to my blog 😀

    Nope!nOT eactly inspired by Gump but now that you mentioned it …. its beginning to get on my head!

    Oka vela nenu cross-country marathon parigedithey meeku tappakunda report chesthanu 🙂

  5. ps might be iv’s creation, but it became popular because of me, they way .. hmm….
    sagar became popular because of his smileys..
    halley became popular because of his badly formatted posts [man it is an eye-sore] :p…
    iv but is undoubtedly the king of arbit and funny posts.
    Hail iv.

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