Heralding the real light in the darkness …

Good to be back in blogdom after a long time 🙂

It so happens that all my life I lived with an abstract image of her.Then somewhere down the line this mind of mine got so corrupted that I stopped believing in her.

So guess that made me exude so much indecency towards THE PPL [;)]

But recently a very good friend pointed out ..”U know what ra ! Being EVIL doesn’t really suit you!”The rest of the conversation is too long to type [I am tired folks!Just returned from my stupid joggin’ routine 🙂 ]

Anyway finally my eyes have opened up to reality !


No more imprudent gossip,no more mud-slinging…AND YES guess we can bid adieu to the Crypt Master.


PS1: Lost to Vikas in arm-wrestling. (That was a good start.I actually confessed) But will beat him someday …maybe in a month or two 😉

PS2: I am still scared to believe in her.Naah!Wtf? She doesn’t exist anyway ..?!?!

PS3:I am not softening up exactly ..just stabilising..in case pals want support in some kinda conflict ..they know who’s there 😀 for them !

8 responses to “Heralding the real light in the darkness …

  1. that good friend in your post

    Welcome back ra !! just saw you talking to the guys at the mess –u sure became the fellow we knew during 1st yr 🙂 Be like that man – I always knew that the angel still lived within that pseudo-devil behaviour of yours 😀 —— WELCOME BACK BABA !!

  2. U ? cHANGE ?? Is that possible ? :O

    well i wud like to quote Sir Anthony Hopkins in MI2 :
    “It is MISSION IMPOSSIBLE MR.HUNT ..WHY ! mission difficult wud be a walk in the park for you ” 😀

    [in your own style —— ***ALL PUN INTENDED *** ] 😉

  3. oi, ur supposed to start frm ps and then go to ps1 , and blah blah blah …

    anyway, why the heck are ppl going to wordpress … leaving the good ol’ blogspot … 😦

    waaaahh .. :((((((

  4. abbulu the good guy

    @ good frnd. :
    Thnx. man ..but r u really the chap I mentioned in the post ??

    @IMM :
    Not u again !! Why do u write such arbid non-sensical stuff man ?? 😮

  5. abbulu the good guy

    @ sid :

    So sid mama ..u too change to wordpress na ?? 🙂

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  7. You lost to Vikas 😮
    Whats happening to you man??
    And within a day, soo many posts!!

  8. @ spawn :

    Gokul ol’ pal 🙂 Vikas is the strongest guy around ..but ppl dont notice his strong points ‘coz his attitude is too subtle !!

    Anyway I tried man ! But lost!! (just before this post was created)

    But this one’s for THE PPL …. I will win by the end of the next month!! 🙂

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