RK’s always like that…

RK is the man who’s pretty cool …naah!!Totally cool ‘coz you never see him panic !! But yet the guy so incessantly manages to do the preternaturally-bizzare routines over and over again.Recently he crossed the physical barriers and entered people’s dreams too !! 😀

So A got this dream about all kinds of terrorists about to terminate him  .But he sorta had supernatural powers . So he managed to escape.He continued to fight monsters,ghouls,dragons and what not!!In the end,thrashing all of them away,he went home and voila!the gr8est demon of them all …RK was waiting….he started his super-duper-thash talk routine and A ended up beating his head in disgust.

In the real world the dream-effect was such that A actually swiped his head hard with his hand.So the whole of today,he’s been suffering from a head-ache !!


ps : But life’s pretty boring without RK around.He annoys you soooo much that you can’t help but laugh at it all 🙂

ps1 : He can be sent as competition to the most annoying creature in the world ..now what was that frog’s name ??

ps3 :
Ok so …

gotto go..

or mind’s gonna blow …

coz’ RK’s coming

.guess its end of the show
ps4: This is a crap post …but Vasan and Halley insisted on me posting something ….

3 responses to “RK’s always like that…

  1. :puke:

    wtf is that?? come on yaar, dont reduce the quality of your blog … you’re like the uberblogger …

  2. Affirmatise that IV!

  3. abbulu the running man

    vo vo …go easy on the criticism man …. its like a comedy-thing

    U see A’s my project partner and I had to write it down ‘coz he had a hed-ache and I had to do the project (Me oing project woek ?? Can u beleive that ??

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