Look, if you had one shot, or one opportunity

To seize everything you ever wanted-One moment

Would you capture it or just let it slip? 



You better lose yourself in the music, the moment

You own it, you better never let it go

You only get one shot, do not miss your chance to blow

This opportunity comes once in a lifetime yo,



You can do anything you set your mind to, man

                       -- from "Lose yourself " by Eminem


A person waits all his life for that elusive "one shot"

 to prove himself to the world ...or even better...

to prove himself to himself !! So does he let go

 when the opportunity crosses his path ??

There are no technical-s**t-routines or

 standard procedures for success (though they

 might serve as pre-requisites) !! Success comes

 when you “lose yourself” to the purpose of achie-
ving what your truly believe in!! 

Its about setting your mind to what your heart 

ACADS : Many people who are really qualified for 

discussing this already did it. Check  out IIIT Blogroll 

to search for them .

OTHERS LIKE SPORTS,LOVE,etc., Put your mind to

give the scenario your best shot … at winning the

game. Its all about unleashing your inner heart-felt instincts!!

For instance, a very skinny fellow wants to bulk

up (or) someone wants to lose weight !! (Halt!

Being thin or a little overweight doesn’t really

matter as long as YOU are comfortable with your

overall persona! ) Okay! So if that’s what you truly want in that heart of yours then tune your mind to

get it! In places like IIIT, it becomes really difficult

to be regular to the gym or implementing other

means to reach the afore-mentioned goals ! But

look at the bright side ,if you achieve it against

all odds , you become tougher and internally stro-

nger ! Moreover, you will learn time-management

as well ;)

 Another e.g., is this thing called LOVE. If you are 

really serious about  a person and your feelings 

are honest …. barriers like caste,creed,religion,

etc., matter a pea-sized-damned-faecet !! Just

 follow your heart (of course use the ideas in 

your brain to complement your heart’s true 
craving ) and make sure things end well !

(That doesn’t mean you become a stalker

 though.Irrespective of whether she/he reci-

procates, be the good person ..if it works out

..gr8! If it doen’t initially , who knows?U might 
well be the next “Arya “) .But the moment you 

f***ing give up ‘coz of such barriers…. Forget 

it pal! You just lost your “one shot”!!


So quoting from the feature film “Bhadra


Just do it..just do it

Don’t bother go and try

Karke dekho 

Jo kuch karma hain ..”


Then we have the dude called failure.In case you met him

 already, you are now a “wounded tiger” and as the

 appellation to an old saying  goes , “..A  wounded tiger 

is less probable of getting wounded (=>;   losing ) 

 again “.So now you have the “eye of the tiger” ! 

Just zero in on your goal ! Something on the lines

 of “becoming stronger after every battle (whether 

you win or lose) “ .


Hence , if there is something you waited an eternity for, 

a feeling that is infinitely intense , something you 

whole-heartedly want to achieve ……..  small-scale or 

large-scale, academic or non-academic, simple or 

sophisticated, possible or (seemingly)impossible ….. 

just put your heart and mind to it ol’ chum … 




PS:  One of those rare times when I wrote something 

serious! Guess I just joined Halley’s club though I am 

not an idealist like either Halley or PKV.


PS1: Most rap is s**t crap. But “Lose yourself” begs 

to differ .


PS2 : Spawn tagged me long long ago ..will fulfill the

 requirements tomorrow ..this time for sure 

12 responses to “***NEVER LET IT GO***

  1. Can’t say anything on that one man ..You surprised even the monkey this time

  2. gg !!! I think this should be used as a pep-talk for next year’s sports meet or something

  3. I feel good about myself 😀 But would feel better if I were to bulk up a bit.. what say?? 🙂

  4. How dare yo call me an Idealist x-(.I am not an idealist always ;).
    Ideally idealists expect evryone else to be idealists..so when everyone else is an idealist i am not the only idealist :D.But ideal cases are ideal…so idealists are called idealists despite the fact that technically an idealist never considers himself an idealist :D.

  5. abbulu the running man

    @ Spawn :

    Come to the gym … Iwill see that you become ala Arnold in say a couple of months …hehe 😀

  6. orey baba … was that really you ?? :O

  7. orey baba … was that really you who wrote a “post like that” ?? :O

  8. abbulu the running man

    @ halley :

    Its only my opinion man ..but thing is you are sorta radical idealist 😉 we need someone like that man ..thats the whole thing which makes people respect you (like I do) 🙂

  9. abbulu the running man

    @ lilli :

    It was me 🙂 Guess sometimes when you feel strongly about something ….you just put it down

  10. cool dude….lose yourself to the goal….like in vh1’s show….before they were stars they were DRIVEN!!!

  11. uhhh is this the old abbulu ??? why my man, are there no posts with nice fun stuff to read … why the incessant repeated peptalk type of blah.

  12. abbulu the running man

    @ harsh :

    surprised you actually read the blog man ..thnx.

    @Obelix :
    Lets get more variety my friend !! No way the fun stuff’s going for ever 😉

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