The CAT , the mag-splat , the door mat and the cricket bat

Of late,these are the four things which are absolutely disturbing this good ol’ mind of mine .So thought I would go for a step-by-step analysis :


1)Saw the movie “Pet Cemetery” recently .The black zombie-cat didn’t exactly give me the goose bumps, but did fill in me a sense of deja vu…..a situation similar to that in the matrix (first part)

2)Anyway coming to the actual thing …CAT. Me recently gripped by an acute paranoia of the CAT.I think I will just outline things by rapping :

I dont know why…

But think in CAT I wont fly

Me scared n about to cry

But I will still not cease to try

I must work hard lest

I wannabe deep-fry ??


Okay … just check this and this out !!

This mind of mine is really baffled because of all these.But gotto agree with this IMM regarding some of the issues albeit he’s got a crude way of putting things . My prima-facie guess was that he was suffering from sort of apoplexy 😉 .,but beneath all his shit-fired way of putting things, he’s got some valid points 🙂
However, I say Jimmy Narang‘s the best guy to be incharge (an opinion retorted by the good ol’ Spawn too)since the present ug3 guys will be busy nxt yr.So a full-time commitment towards Mag is not guaranteed.Moreover, the guy’s got the talent and brains to do things the right way !

Now the most insignificant thing …. my door mat (insignificant for others 😉 )

Some idiot stole my brand new door mat (I hung it outside my room to dry).

The amusing thing is that what the CAT thing and the mag-thing couldn’t do was successfully accomplished by a stupid door-mat …… i.e., MAKING ME HUMONGOUSLY FRUSTOO 😡


First of all,an ipso-facto statement !I initially included this part only because it made a rhyme out of the title 😉

Anyway,yesterday’s test match’s last few sessions actually made me hope for an Indian victory.Of course the hope was unfortunately short-lived 😦 The way team India sent Pathan and Dhoni out to bat and perhaps try for the impossible. Had they actually hit 160+ in those last 20 overs, it would be the stuff legends are made of 🙂

Reminds me of Sir Anthony Hopkins ‘ dialogue in MI-2 :”Its not Mission Difficult,Mr.Hunt! Its Mission Impossible!Why, Difficult’s a walk in the park !”

5 responses to “The CAT , the mag-splat , the door mat and the cricket bat

  1. finally, baba is back . a nice post filled with a really nice title. how do you think of titles like that?? All i can come up with is bunglebot

  2. B-A-B-A Rocks … nice title, nice RAP on CAT, … and pity on u, about ur BRAND NEW Door MAT

  3. abbulu the running man

    @ oBelIX :
    There was this alliteration thing going in my mind man … Guess its an “8 mile” hangover or something though I just want the rap to be decent 😉

    @A$lan :
    Yeah me still in a state of mourning .. it was an expensive door mat … lol at me 😦

  4. Why dont u start singing your Rap songs :D.

  5. abbulu the good guy

    @ Halley

    Sure mama sure …. by next Felicity I will have them composed (perhaps enlist freaky to help or sth …hehe)

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