Viva day ‘n’ RK … blew senses away !?!?

Okay …So just came to know that our viva didn’t go as well as expected ! The irony of the matter …. well !! We were really prepared to lay the mighty ol’ smackdown at the viva downtown (used it ‘coz it rhymes … dont worry over the “downtown” relevance 😉 )

We had a laptown containing a totally fundoo ppt presentation and of course totally prepared to hold fort against one of the most lethal, fatal panels in Education today !! But then DISASTER 😦 Laptop battery went down.The power connection in the room was f***ed up.

Even then good ol’ Amit and ‘yours truly’ faced the storm from the person who knows it all …the Communication field’s (not Image Processing … BAD LUCK) super-saiya-jin…the apparently deadly,merciless …the one n only … Prof.VUR .

So we had to explain stuff which had no real relevance in the project …just plain ol’ Image Processing fundas! When we were actually warming up to get into the real thing of the project … the gr8 VUR sir goes like “Its 7:15 PM pls wrap it up quickly” (u read it right 7:15 PM ..our viva started at 7:00 … the obvious reality when you have one of the most powerful panels ! )

Then just when I was pondering over everything after dinner ,the cold-hearted icing on the nightmarish cake … 😦

RK dude walked in and said … “You know what is dirtier than eating half an apple and finding a full-sized worm in the other half ?”


“Abbuluga! The yuckier thing is … finding a half-sized worm in the other half .”

Yuck ! Yuck!


ps : teepo and I were pitted against each other in CS in one of the games and I won 😀

ps1: That was too subtle.Okay here i go again ” the legendary Butcher was stranded with Yours truly in an infernal CS situation when I laid the mighty ol’ smackdown on his roooody pooh candy a** “

ps2 : Teepo!No hard feelings ol’ pal …

ps3 : …but you were the cockroach … (remember the 1st year’s cockroach-incident :))

4 responses to “Viva day ‘n’ RK … blew senses away !?!?

  1. Did I say that? I don’t even use that line. Baba, you are seeing things lately. tsk tsk.

  2. abbulu the running man

    listen ol’ buddy … u just dont remember what u say man ! U get so many innovative stuff in ur head that some are just forgotten …hehe 🙂

  3. abbulu the running man

    sorry … it was a dragonfly …not a cockroach

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