M : Love , Arranged and Forced

Check out this article from the Hindu.
I dont understand whats wrong with the Indians out there in Britan.Why do they look at the issue in a “pogrom of human rights ” kinda view. 😦

love Ms are fine. Arranged Ms (esp. in Indian cases) albeit drawing infnite glances from the rest of the world are I guess okay too.

But parents forcing a person to marry someone is totally ..hmm … super mutated,obnoxious,crap shit ?!?! (I just did a Mad Monkey 😉 )
My take on the consequences is that such forced Ms lead to extra-martial relationships 😦 later on .


PS : Watched the “krrish” trailor and it was AWESOME. Reminded me of TheMatrix and Aparichitudu (aka Anniyan) at once 🙂

PS1 : Watched “Aksar” last night.Got a word for it too … BIZZARE crap !

3 responses to “M : Love , Arranged and Forced

  1. Infact in PS1 there are two words but emphasis on bizzare!

  2. Why this sudden talk of marriages? Is something cooking on your end? :->
    And please do not mind the mention of your *late* goggles in my post.

  3. abbulu the running man

    Good to see you back on the blooging ckt. 🙂

    Oh nothing just found the thing annoying ! Something cooking ? Dooood I am only 19

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