Definition :"A fella/entity who works out at a gym , never changes those sweaty clothes, doesn't wash himself,comes back the next day in the same unwashed stinking clothes,is all hairy-scary so enhances the stink with his ***puke *** super-stinking odour.Hence, ,he successfully makes the lives of other good ol' gymmers think thathell is an understatement"

Deterministic Equation :
Gymmer + Stinker = Gyminker.
The Inside Story :
The gym is a jolly good place . Most good ol' folks from all the batches are frequenting it more often these days.Of course , with the macho-est AmitGoyal and good ol' me 😉 around ..who needs a gym instructor 😀

But then I came across a problem the previous day… the Gyminker.There is this PG guy whose name I know not.But he sure kicks up a stink.

I mean its natural the guys sweat it out at the gym.But the exhaust fans get rid of the odour before the damned thing affects the environment in the gym.

But the good ol' exhaust fans finally met their match.This PG guy satisfies all the criteria laid down in the definition above.Anna … not only are u"garbage"fying yourself but also making us stay away from the gym.Please take a shower,change your clothes and of course,use a deodrant.
Future Possibities :

IIITians are becoming more n more lazy nowadays. Okay become lazy …but not semi-lazy ,i.e., you aren't lazy enough to give physical activties a shot but are surely lazy enough to skip washing the sweat n dust !!

If this mental-epidemic catches on , we will be having more stinkers..oh sorry! rather futbolinkers , cricketinkers , basketbalinkers,volleybalinkers ,etc.,Then it will affect the ladies as well … aaaargh!! That would be like ****puke ****

The plea :

Come on u guys lets stop

this stink-fired situation …

Before it takes over the

IIITian perception

N then all we would associate

health that is pink

With ( Oh my goodness ) 😦



PS : That was an exaggerated thinky-routine.But as Hari-Seldon says : "Better plan and gear up for all future possibilities"

PS1: The last one week saw that the people who are into evening physical activity (sports,gym,etc.,) are mostly from ug3 !! 😀

3 responses to “Gyminker

  1. hey i forgot to mention .. i have read forward the foundation 🙂

  2. abbulu the running man

    gg … but too bad you didn’t like it 😦

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