The thing about nicks

I went home for the weekend and Granma said "How are you ,chantoda ? Nearly a fortnight since you came home"

"Ammamma! I am 19.Not chantodu anymore " (chantoda = little boy) 😉

Grandpa said "You are always chantodu to us." I dont exactly see a relevance but got inspired to write this post.

Once during the first year I gave my fellow-in-wing,arms,distress,etc., the nick "Sandy" .He countered (he de facto rocks at CS ) by calling me "Bobs".Thats how my first nick was born.

The "sandy" thing vanished like described in Metallica's "I diasappear" but the "Bobs" thing caught on with others. Alternate versions like "Bobsy","Bay-ba" too came up 🙂

One more nick that cropped up in the first year was Enthu.P or Enthu Pea.Original idea is credited to Anand Vasudev.


A more mellow,senti side comes up when I think about the nicks at home. Ammamma n Thata (Granma 'n' Granpa) call me "Chantoda" as mentioned above.

Mom calls me "Kaana" inspired from the busy bee tag Lord Krishna had when he was a little fellow.

But my favourite is dad's "Abbuluga !" 😉 (Abbulugaadu = funny amusing fellow in Telugu slang (I am not sure !!))


ps : Actually felt good listening to Mr.Stanley's philosophy(of all courses!!! ) lecture.

p1 :Raghu's birthday had the bum-bashing session missing 😦

ps2 : I always used to say when I was a chantodu "I want to be He-Man when I grow up."But surely not someone like this

ps3:IIIT stationary saaaaaaaks

ps4: One big uncoveted show-down with Mr.BLN and Mr.Bala coming up.Will soon dedicate a post for this.For now, it will be "The battle of the willow"

4 responses to “The thing about nicks

  1. How about writing a post showing the most commonly used nicks of UG2K3ians ? 🙂

  2. abbulu the running man

    yes but that will take some time I guess 🙂

  3. this is bad. bad, bad, bad… *shakes head*

    until now, i thought I was the guy who invented “ammamma”.
    seems like its already in popular use 😦


  4. In fact I always called Granma that way 🙂

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