The Battle of the Willow

The opening scene :

A few days ago, some of the guys were playing cricket in the 2nd floor of OBH , of course the bat was mine πŸ™‚ Everyone was enjoying himself.

Damage to windows and stuff not that probable ‘coz the ball was light-tennis .

The Villains :
Mr.(2-1-12-1) and the security guards (couple of them) hatched a conspiracy to destroy the harmony in the floor , to obliterate a bunch of good boys playing a harmless game.Of course all this under the command of every hosteler’s worst nemesis Mr.(2-12-14)

Each following-rules-maniac surrounded thearea of play from three sides and slowly approached the gullible students who were unaware of the disco-stooges closing in.

“CATCH!” shouted one of them and they jumped , with their epic-paunches,super-sized waists and a shit-headed madness to implement rules.The bat was confiscated but the good guys escaped.

The battle:

The next day, yours truly went to Mr(2-1-12-1) and said, “Sir! Thats my bat !Please return it.”

“No! Its not your bat!U were not playing yesterday.”

“But sir , my friends were ..”

“Oh! Your friends ? Tell me their names “

Did the big-paunch actually think that I would give him names ??Then he said that Saurabh (final year) was playing (I didn’t give the latter my bat!!)He made me run around the whole building asking me to get everyone who usually play cricket in the corridors (Why me 😦 ??)

“But why r u taking my bat ? If u r so hell (shouldn’t have used this word 😦 ) bent on maintaing decorum , catch them not my bat.Will you take disciplinary action on a bat ?? “

“Go meet Mr(2-12-14) “

Face-off with the Ultimate villain :

Mr.(2-12-14) the big-paunch ..oh oh! already used “big”.Err ..hmm ..aah!And so “colossal-paunch” sat in his heavily suffocating , heavily stinking fart-filled ro

om .At that moment he reminded me of the character below:

“So are you doing dadagiri ?? “

What the .. ??

“No sir ! I was only asking for my bat !”

“Shut up!U magnanimously give your bat to evreyone and they play in corridors “

“Sir but what is the problem ? “

“Playing in the corridor disturbs other students ?? Poor people !They must be sleeping !! “

Yeah right! Boys in OBH sleep at 10 ! πŸ˜‰

Of course the other issue is that if this state of corridor-cricket-phobia continues… TT ,carroms , even talking at night in the corridors will be banned in the future because its causing disturbance to dont-know-who !!

“Sir! I am sorry !Please retun my bat! “

“Keep quiet ! R u telling me what to do ?? “

What the …?? Didn’t his cholestrol-filled ears hear the word “please” .

“Sir!But ..”

“Keep quiet!Let me speak ! You find out who was playing last night and tell me “.

Am I his sniffing dog ??

Then he geared up to give some shit-laden lecture about moral values which was more of the self opinion-shit type than”ethics” as he called them.

“Sir Please… I have to go to class “

That hurt the sadistic overlord’s prestige .”Shut aaaaaap! get aaaaaaaaaout!” he thundered.

Why did he get all pissed off?

‘coz I preffered going to class than listening to his rubbish ? I went out.

The battle continues

Will they stop corridor-cricket by such crap-shit-laden routines ? What is bothering them?The guards;Mr.(2-12-14) and Mr.(2-1-12-1) wet their pants when it comes to dealing with the real things like :

1) Drunkards who are full of dope , shouting , fighting,creating a nuisance that too in front of those khumsi-khumsa guards ! (Woah!dont get angry some of you drinking pals… I have a problem only with the nuisance thing)

@ (2-12-14) : Dont u call that disturbance , colossal-paunch ?

2)Lots of other things which just cannot be revealed, unless I want my photo to be garlanded !!

After all its not my problem. The no-good govt.clerk-types with complete stomachs and incomplete bhejas are trying to make us believe that they are trying to maintain “decorum and discipline”.Then they are supposed to do it in case of issues where it really matters!(Finding out the real matters is also their headache)

ps : Had to submit an apology letter to Mr.(2-1-12-1) 😦 (see!who are the dadas now ??)But my bat is still not returned.
ps1 :My s****ed up air-cooler will be repaired by tonight! Nothing like a good ol’ working air-cooler πŸ™‚

ps2 : Smoking should be banned in IIIT main.Probably will talk and rap about this in the next post .

6 responses to “The Battle of the Willow

  1. Had to deal with similar stuff when in college .. no point trying to fight for your willow no w. most probably Mr. 2-12-14 and Mr. 2-1-12-1 ‘s children would be playing cricket with it by now .. or probably (even more disgracing) their maid might be using it to beat the fart out of their clothes ..

  2. Sukesh Kumar aka p@!n_k!||3r

    I will not talk abt loud music or liquar or dope …. but what in the name of hell is there problem with cricket. A part of ppl plays cricket, one part spectate them, one part help them by picking up ball, rest of ppl play games or listen music in loud voice. So the question is whose privacy is being disturbed with cricket ?? Might be cricketers themselves… or walls or pillars of hostels

  3. abbulu the running man

    Welcome to my blog ppl πŸ™‚

    @Utkarsh :
    hehe … good take, Utkarsh.

    @Sukesh :
    Yes … n then someday in the future they will accuse people of singing loudly in the bathrooms πŸ˜‰

  4. Shit happens dude.. shit happens!

  5. Orey idiot…

    u know what will happen if some faculty (or a responsible person) checks this blog?

    They will kick the DOPE out of U

  6. @ tiger

    thnx for the concern but it would be verry inappropriate of them in case they get involved ..a person is entitled to qwrite ANYTHING in his blog (besides i am not abusing..right ??) …. and yeah of course is an issue I am dealing with ..guess ur reading abilities are lefting wanting PULIRAJU

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