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The Dream head’s …

***DISCLAIMER : The phrases in the brackets are the handiwork of the Crypt Master ***

What is it about those things called dreams ?

We folks dream,then comes longing and then the craving.(If the ppl concerned have the #^%$#^ to take it further , the will to fight for what they believe to be a possible-to-be-materialised sorta dream)

And then comes things like the ideal "goal" thats coveted as an off shoot(or rather the main shoot)of a dream.A true-blue romantic fella looks at it from a "soul mate" point of view.("soul mate" katte ? Gimme a God-blessed break !!!!!)

Ok..ok ..dont want to discourage the ideal romantic … so lets abrade the bemoaning level .. u see the dream-girl or dream-boy conceptual intricacies (wtf am I blathering about???) are absolutely relative. (notice the paradox 😉 ).

Its rather the reality wrt that special someone that matters .Such a reality makes a heart make the mind adapt to thinking that his/her current situation is ideal. (Listen listen …the good ol',gullible lil' version of #R&^%*# is promugating his hushy mushy filo 😀 )

Verse of the day :

What do I say ?

(Agreed ra ..u r'nt gay !!)

The nice things are here

(So u blabber with no fear ?? )

Saw a side of yours truly

Thats neither rough nor unruly

(Thats pathetic crap-hole !)

(Does that change ur dark soul ??)

Babu Crypt ! Whittle ur curse – knoll

(Orey.. Chaaa ..nee )

I actually learnt stuff

More than enough

Of NEWS even I didnt see

(so u making a shit-fired decree ?? )

Btw …every light I have ever known

Get scaled up beyond belief

N I only hear a modest .."Thats a relief!"

(The 1st time ..u got chilled to the bone)

But hope says this isn't 'forlorn' 🙂

ps : Thats a poem ..not rap 🙂

ps1 : Learnt the hidden meaning of "classic" recently(Stupid me didnt know that before :O ) And I thought that I knew all kinds of slang,thrash-talk,double-meanings,etc., existing in good ol' IIIT 😦

ps2: Actually found this picture(at the top) and decided to blog .Remeber the picture compositions we used to have at school 🙂

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Illusory Face-off at KBR

..So i finally get to write about this shit !

It all started in a teeny weeny manner on orkut.Dont exactly remember the origins but It started with Anu,Rohit n karthik coming up with a nice little rebuking routine that soon went to an ass-f***ed hay-wire state.

N eventually Karthik came up with a reallly innovative but objectionable (to some including me ..but that objection classifies as “subjective” )statement which he wrote in rohit’s scrap book …something that makes a mention of “a licking three some ” ..n that set off the trigger for a putatively bizzare turn of events :O

U see

1. names weren’t mentioned
2. Karthik wrote the contro-scrap in rohit’s
3. Seemed like a lil’ none-of-anyone’s-business conv. to me.(though it was under public view)

But the dude ,Aj (the guy whose lady is being supported by Anu far as I can decipher from this low-life situation) ended up with a notion that his lady was being mentioned in the comment (In fact it was her being mentioned but fingers cant be pointed)

So another round of events follow n what shit do I see ?

A “bloody face -off ” is planned at KBR park (of all paces whoseever it was ..he’s got a brain the size of a microcopic widget ..yaar there are patrols at that area man )

So me being the guy who’s soooo much into this “dhishum dhishum” concept go to KBR park (inspite of having exams a couple of days later ; also this “urge” amplified by a fact that some anonymous crap-hole called me telling me that Karthik’s getting pro-goondas !!)

b ut u know what ? Nothing happened ! Kapil,Ravi were there too.Karthik and Aj shout,argue and in the end ,Aj apologised (why the fuck did he apologise ?? Since he’s the fellow who wanted justice !!Thats not standing up to a lady’s cause ..i.e., if there is a cause)

But the fellow,Anu was nowhere .He was the one who provoked Karthik by informing him that Aj wanted to beat Karthik up.So Karthik got his friends along for the show.Aj had a bunch of his pals too of who had a knife ..or a dagger to be more precise :O

..Now thats crap man ! Anyway I dont understand why a fellow who was so desperate to prove a point (Aj) was so softened up after sometime.
Abbulu ‘s takes :

@ Aj ,
Whoa! Now dont get me wrong.Aj’s always been my best frnd. I dont know whether his act was good or baad .But one thing for sure .If he wanted a talk-n-extract-an-apology-routine ,y does he want to waste time by clamouring for a no-show build up.If he wanted to prove a point or demand an apology from Karthik , then he should finish the job !

@ Karthik ,
You were at least a little worried man ! But then your orcut reprisals the next made u look like a guy who’s desperately protecting his prestige . (People ont have “PRESTIGE” at the age of 20 ..its just a stoooopid hallucination)

Well! Anu looks like the fellow who fuels things up n then sings Metallica’s “Then Its time I disappear ” .By the way why was he more concerned about Aj’s lady than good ol’ Aj himself.

@ Rohit ,
Arey anna! Why do you judge people ? Other than doing literarystuff n acads , have u ever been involved in such stuff ? At least Karthik’s better in dealing with fellows neutral in this situation.
Anyway,thats my opinion only.It can be understood that u r taking karthik’s side.

@Ravi,kapil,vijay :
Why were u even there ? (Of course I shud be asking myself the same question)

@ all my frnz.(in fact knew 90% of the fellows there )whom I accidently met at the incident venue 🙂
At least the fact of the matter was that I got to meet u guys after a long time 🙂 So some good came out of the whole affair.
YES! some of you guys dont even know what a real face-off or gang-war or RANAM is ….. (I said “some” … some might know it too)No hard feelings though “chotus”… only telling you that urs truly is available to render some advice 😉

@ myself :
Doing the right thing by not including this in either the “dark-side” or “machismo” category ‘coz there was only hype here , no real stuff .
ps : Yesterday,the final BTP viva for this sem went well.My project partner,Amit was celebrating after the viva.Wishing him a happy journey home.Finally the guy gets to sleep peacefully for a few days 🙂

ps1 : The next one is the one on “FIGHT CLUB”

ps2 : Updated my homepage to a more professional look (albeit it retains its non-snobbish simplicity)

ps3: Mom spotted this supposedly cool range of clothes for me somewhere.So wants to take me shopping when I return home! Ok..that sounds pretty nice ..but dont want the “Dasara bullodu” model of clothes .

Abbulugaadi Q&A

Spawn tagged me(50 questions??Spawn pani paata leda bey) .So here goes :

1. Were you named after anyone?
Oh ! My actual name ya ..its this astro thingy that the name’s supposed to start with H , n mom’s a devotee of Sai Baba 🙂 .About my nicks you can check this out

2. Do you wish on stars?
I do ..when I am in one of those incredibly senti moods

3. When did you last cry?
Nope dont remember 🙂

4. Do you like your handwriting?

The lady being referred to here once said that my hand writing was pretty good 😉

5. What is your favourite meat?
Shark (is that meat ?? btw I never really ate it) 😉

6. What is your most embarrassing CD on your shelf?
Nope nothing’s really embarassing ..I am good at covering

7. If you were another person, would YOU be friends with you?
Obviously YES!! I’d be best friends with myself. (same as Spawn‘s answer)

8. Are you a daredevil?
Ask the people ….. if you smellllllll what abbulugadu is cookin’

9. How do you release anger?

Heard of a nuclear-fusion control system … well there’s only one so far 🙂 me least the good guys dont get hurt

10. Where is your second home?
My Hostel!! I love it.. 😀

11. Do you trust others easily?
Sometines ..the trust thing varies with strangers ..but pals? heard of blind-faith ?

12. What was your favourite toy(s) as a child?
He-Man n the Masters of the Universe he he..what else did u expect ?

13. What class in school/college do you think is totally useless?
Cant think of anything.

14. Do you use sarcasm a lot?
Not as much as Spawn does *** sarcastically *** but goes to galactic proportions when I do … muhahahaha

15. Have you ever been in a mosh pit?
Yes during last felicity’s rock show but I was the only fellow standing.

16. What do you look for in a girl?
Humour,intelligent n must make a chord strike somewhere in that heart of mine. (ai!I am doin’ the romantic ??)

17. Would you bungee jump?

Oh hell yeah !!

18. Do you untie your shoes when you take them off?

19. What’s your favourite ice cream?

20. What are your favourite colours?

21. What are your least favourite things?
Macchar n characterless fellows

22. How many people do you have a crush on right now?
It keeps increasing 😉

23. Who do you miss most right now?

Family … (I am in the hostel na ! )

24. What are you listening to right now?
Eminem’s Lose yourself and the “Gala Gala” song from Pokiri

25. If you were a crayon, what colour would you be?
sky blue

26. What is the weather like right now?
windy ..very windy

27. Last person you talked to on the phone?

Lil’ sis

28. The “first” thing you notice about the opposite sex?
I am not n insect ..can see thingS at once.

29. Do you like the person who sent you this?
Spawn ? Good fellow 🙂

30. How are you today?
Feel like doing **dhishum dhishum **

31. Favourite non alcoholic drink?
any fruit juice (healthy habits huh ?)

32. Favourite alcoholic drink?
Read this for the truth

33. Natural hair colour?


34. Eye colour?

Dark Brown

35. Wear contacts?
Nope mine r just strain glasses

36. Siblings?
Younger sister (in 6th standard)

37. Favourite month?

no favs

38. Favourite food?
Home made food n mirchi bajji

39. Favourite day of the year?

no favs

40. Have you ever been too shy to ask someone out?
The question should have been “Have you ever been too shy to tell someone she’s stout ? ” (abey Crypt anna ! Go away please.)

41. Scary movies or happy endings?
If they r sensible both r fine.

42. Summer or winter? bOth

43. Holi or Diwali? both

44. Do you like your name?

45. What book/magazine are you reading?

Asimov’s “Forward The Foundation” and the April issue of Reader’s digest

46. What’s on your mouse pad?

My foot (oh! just noticed that it fell down 🙂 )

47. What did you watch on TV last night?
The last thing I watched on TV was Sarabhai vs Sarabhai last Monday (again this answer tallies with that of the thin fellow)

48. Favourite Smell?
HAR HAR …muhahahaha.

49. Have you ever regretted breaking up with someone?
It should have been “have u ever regretted breaking someone”;) ..muhahaha (oh no!Crypt dude is here again)

50. Most tiresome thing you’ve ever experienced/done?
Waiting in a loooong queue for Mr.(2-12-14) to give mess cards during a lazy,sultry,annoying afternoon(remember the old system at IIIT ?? )

I tag :






ps: BTP viva’s on 15th must gear up for this academic year’s final showdown !!

ps1 : Next post is going to be about a real life almost-gang-war sorta shit-crapped incident

ps2 : Yes ! Must also blog about this insanely bizzare idea of mine ..its called FIGHT CLUB

ps3 : Must rap ..long time since I rapped 🙂