The Dream head’s …

***DISCLAIMER : The phrases in the brackets are the handiwork of the Crypt Master ***

What is it about those things called dreams ?

We folks dream,then comes longing and then the craving.(If the ppl concerned have the #^%$#^ to take it further , the will to fight for what they believe to be a possible-to-be-materialised sorta dream)

And then comes things like the ideal "goal" thats coveted as an off shoot(or rather the main shoot)of a dream.A true-blue romantic fella looks at it from a "soul mate" point of view.("soul mate" katte ? Gimme a God-blessed break !!!!!)

Ok..ok ..dont want to discourage the ideal romantic … so lets abrade the bemoaning level .. u see the dream-girl or dream-boy conceptual intricacies (wtf am I blathering about???) are absolutely relative. (notice the paradox 😉 ).

Its rather the reality wrt that special someone that matters .Such a reality makes a heart make the mind adapt to thinking that his/her current situation is ideal. (Listen listen …the good ol',gullible lil' version of #R&^%*# is promugating his hushy mushy filo 😀 )

Verse of the day :

What do I say ?

(Agreed ra ..u r'nt gay !!)

The nice things are here

(So u blabber with no fear ?? )

Saw a side of yours truly

Thats neither rough nor unruly

(Thats pathetic crap-hole !)

(Does that change ur dark soul ??)

Babu Crypt ! Whittle ur curse – knoll

(Orey.. Chaaa ..nee )

I actually learnt stuff

More than enough

Of NEWS even I didnt see

(so u making a shit-fired decree ?? )

Btw …every light I have ever known

Get scaled up beyond belief

N I only hear a modest .."Thats a relief!"

(The 1st time ..u got chilled to the bone)

But hope says this isn't 'forlorn' 🙂

ps : Thats a poem ..not rap 🙂

ps1 : Learnt the hidden meaning of "classic" recently(Stupid me didnt know that before :O ) And I thought that I knew all kinds of slang,thrash-talk,double-meanings,etc., existing in good ol' IIIT 😦

ps2: Actually found this picture(at the top) and decided to blog .Remeber the picture compositions we used to have at school 🙂

3 responses to “The Dream head’s …

  1. You call tht a poem? 😮 This heat is getting to you, I guess.. 😛
    Anyways, is it supposed to convey a li’l sthn to a li’l somebody? :->

    And the picture is awesome.. From where dyu get such pics?

  2. abbulu the running man

    just liked the pic(found it through google ..PURE LUCK) ..n tried to consture some sorta link to myself ..anthey ! 🙂

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