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Indo-Pak Brotherhood

The previous day's editorial of Indian Express had this totally fundoo but true story pf border courtesies between the Indo Pak armies πŸ™‚

The story went something like this :

The  jawans and officers of the Indian army (who were posted at the border and hence often had to encounter long spasms of acute bore-dome)used to enjoy comedy shows in some arbit Pakistani TV channel.

One day,there was a notice in the channel asking users to pay some extra amount of money for the channel.So the infinitely noble Indian jawans decided to pay Pakistan the money.

Hence the next day the Indian commander-in-charge handed over thirty rupees to his Pakistani counterpart who was posted at the same border area πŸ™‚ with a note explaining the reason for this act.

After some minutes the Pakistani comm. re-emerged from his tent and returned the money with another note that said :

"The  army need not  pay for any recreational services .You (this "you" is for the Indian army) too are entitled to this privelege.Be our guests πŸ™‚ "  

*** Note to the readers *** The smiley was actually there in the reply  … GG !

So good ol' abbulugadu felt mundo delighted becoz' of the feel-good atmosphere the article generated inside him. Moreover , I actually happened to see the "Main Hoon na" movie (for the umpteenth time) just before I read the article.

So guess all the feel-good factors fell in place.


PS : Was more or less a Pak basher until  recently.Big change, huh ? 

PS1: I guess the next article will be on reservations since everyone's blogging,           shouting,arguing,carping,…… (infinitum)   about it.Hmm.. lets see ,I think I   will rap about it for a change πŸ˜‰

PS2: I am probably the only fellow in IIIT who is as good as IV as far as knowing in-depth stuff about the asterix series is concerned πŸ™‚ .I hereby adduce this claim with this proof.

PS3: I suck now as far as running is concerned . Used  to complete  a round around the chain of buildings (lib,the schools,etc.,) in less than 1 min 30 seconds.Yesterday,I clocked a pathetically repugnant 2 min …waaaaaaaaah 😦 

Here I go again

The Poetry-writing algo :

There’s a nice gentleman who trapped me in a highly stupid discussion about poetry.So here goes :

Him : So u write poetry ,huh ? :O

Me : Yes sir! Just some stupid grammatically misplaced attempts .

Him : Aha! What did u say , my dear boy ? Grammatical eh ! So are u gud at grammar ?

Me : No I didnt say that ! (Wtf ?? What made him think the opposite ? )

Him : Anyway , what’s grammar gotto do with poetry ?

Me : I am sorry … I didnt get you sir 😦

Him : Simple !

1)write one line in English ..hmm..say ..

“He walks slowly “

2)kill the grammar in the sentence

3)Make a post mortem …

and VOILA! U have poetry so it becomes …

“Slowly slowly does he walk ” πŸ˜‰

(there u have it … a grammarian’s algo on writing poetry go ahead ..its soo easy πŸ™‚ )

[Of course that doesn’t mean this poetry thing loses its real value.Jokes apart, in my personal opinion, its an unparalleled divinityΒ  πŸ˜€ ]


The St.Francis connection :

A cousin studying at St.Francis always makes a point to write the following words on her table during the lectures :

… In loving memory of all those who achieved martyrdom by sitting through this lecture ! ” πŸ˜‰


The bohemian par excellence :

What do u call a fellow :

1)whom girls treat as one of their own kind ?

2)who putatively never watched porn ?

Simple! Refer to the “Three to Tango” concept. πŸ˜€


Pic of the day :

Within the essence …


Today 17th May 2k6 , I have just realized all of a sudden that life isn't the same anymore.

You see I always identified myself with an inherent ,non indolent ,non desultory rage . A bitterness with no prodigal path to salvation.And then ….

The good thing 

VOILA !! Life started becoming nice . A search spanning over half a decade came to an end. Apart from this, compromises have been made.The demons within me have signed a truce for peace inter alia other things. angel fying ...huh ?

So theoritically I ought to be at peace … complete peace. My superficial demeanour actually seems to be that way. But then …

 The Twist :

Today I sit here wondering, "Is this the end of the bitterness within ?? "  

Also,while good ol' abbulugadu was actually doing his stoopid 10K  routine , a thought arose … "Is this necessary ? " ………Why in the name of the devil's whores did I get such an idea.(Bobs u moron ..dont u soften up man !!! )


Is the fire of self-imposed madness so synonymous with my head vanishing ?

I hope not … I mean ..getting under control is fine ..going cool is fine …but ceasing to exist the way I always did ? No way !

PS : I just donno what happened to that Qual Comm Intership thing.Thought I wud get it .But gus Prof.MB got too busy to remember contacting the company guys again later 😦

PS1: Dad's getting a new broad band connection set up at home. Nice huh ? πŸ˜€

PS2 : Loadsa mayhem and verbiage in 200 reg. the Reservation thing. 

..and so the story goes …

*** DISCLAIMER : If u suffer from nightmares after reading this post , I am not responsible πŸ˜‰ ***
*** GOREWORD : This post (a metamorphic coding of true stuff)has been encrypted beyond repair.I might not understand it myself if I decide to look at it after say 3 or 4 years.Or….will I ? ***

The stupid dream head was walking along the path that lead to eternal darkness and the ultimate damnation.The low life scum bag 😦 with a no show dumbass life hadn’t a fucking metronome to guide him through his so called dick-headed self imposed deadlines !

And then the war of the eternals began to unfold in his head.The Hand of Lucifer (parody to the Hand of God) appeared from nowhere.It probed his chest n pulled out his lame lil’ heart.But he was still alive ? Heartless , scared to death reg. what degree of apocalypse his paranoia will bring about.

Then came an entity who cannot be described ..the following pic is actually a less scary approximation :

Then this scary mutated bugger from the nether world started oozing out some blue ooze that smelt like porcupine shit :O (how the fuck did Mr.Dream Head know what porcupine shit smells like ? ya right ..I told u he was STOOOPID n just construed his STOOPID conclusion)

Then all sorts of scary phary crap-heads with saliva that burnt like lava , hair that looked like bocchhuu (non telugu pals πŸ™‚ as groin-fur) came dancing ,flying,licking and #%^$%&$%&&%$ (boleto description lies beyond my range) πŸ˜€

Then all of a sudden the dream head decided to fight them all.He fought hard ..a battle that cannot be won,a battle that doesn’t guarantee his salvation,a battle that will screw his life up for f***ing eternity.

And ..

then …

It happened …

The doors which he couldn’t see opened … the light dawned from a distance ..n the fellow called hope ushered in a force ..something that the stupid dream-head during his recent past sidelined as only a dream.

Then the dream head always says , lightning struck πŸ˜‰ …………..

Quote of the day :

But I can see ..yes,softly beaming, a steady light of hope …..Star’s End!”

– Seldon in “Forward the Foundation”