..and so the story goes …

*** DISCLAIMER : If u suffer from nightmares after reading this post , I am not responsible 😉 ***
*** GOREWORD : This post (a metamorphic coding of true stuff)has been encrypted beyond repair.I might not understand it myself if I decide to look at it after say 3 or 4 years.Or….will I ? ***

The stupid dream head was walking along the path that lead to eternal darkness and the ultimate damnation.The low life scum bag 😦 with a no show dumbass life hadn’t a fucking metronome to guide him through his so called dick-headed self imposed deadlines !

And then the war of the eternals began to unfold in his head.The Hand of Lucifer (parody to the Hand of God) appeared from nowhere.It probed his chest n pulled out his lame lil’ heart.But he was still alive ? Heartless , scared to death reg. what degree of apocalypse his paranoia will bring about.

Then came an entity who cannot be described ..the following pic is actually a less scary approximation :

Then this scary mutated bugger from the nether world started oozing out some blue ooze that smelt like porcupine shit :O (how the fuck did Mr.Dream Head know what porcupine shit smells like ? ya right ..I told u he was STOOOPID n just construed his STOOPID conclusion)

Then all sorts of scary phary crap-heads with saliva that burnt like lava , hair that looked like bocchhuu (non telugu pals 🙂 ..read as groin-fur) came dancing ,flying,licking and #%^$%&$%&&%$ (boleto description lies beyond my range) 😀

Then all of a sudden the dream head decided to fight them all.He fought hard ..a battle that cannot be won,a battle that doesn’t guarantee his salvation,a battle that will screw his life up for f***ing eternity.

And ..

then …

It happened …

The doors which he couldn’t see opened … the light dawned from a distance ..n the fellow called hope ushered in a force ..something that the stupid dream-head during his recent past sidelined as only a dream.

Then ..as the dream head always says , lightning struck 😉 …………..

Quote of the day :

But I can see ..yes,softly beaming, a steady light of hope …..Star’s End!”

– Seldon in “Forward the Foundation”

5 responses to “..and so the story goes …

  1. one of the laziest posts ever …

    and the image aint even scary …

    and i am not a hypocrite

  2. abbulu the running man

    Thats becoz’ I condensed its size

  3. hehe … iv worried abt bein a hypocrite 🙂 lol

  4. and baba … seems like u’ve played some arbit game which had demons and stuff ..for the first time 🙂

  5. @ sid :

    sorta inspired from warcraft … but also a lil’ inspiration from reality too 😉

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