Within the essence …


Today 17th May 2k6 , I have just realized all of a sudden that life isn't the same anymore.

You see I always identified myself with an inherent ,non indolent ,non desultory rage . A bitterness with no prodigal path to salvation.And then ….

The good thing 

VOILA !! Life started becoming nice . A search spanning over half a decade came to an end. Apart from this, compromises have been made.The demons within me have signed a truce for peace inter alia other things. angel fying ...huh ?

So theoritically I ought to be at peace … complete peace. My superficial demeanour actually seems to be that way. But then …

 The Twist :

Today I sit here wondering, "Is this the end of the bitterness within ?? "  

Also,while good ol' abbulugadu was actually doing his stoopid 10K  routine , a thought arose … "Is this necessary ? " ………Why in the name of the devil's whores did I get such an idea.(Bobs u moron ..dont u soften up man !!! )


Is the fire of self-imposed madness so synonymous with my head vanishing ?

I hope not … I mean ..getting under control is fine ..going cool is fine …but ceasing to exist the way I always did ? No way !

PS : I just donno what happened to that Qual Comm Intership thing.Thought I wud get it .But gus Prof.MB got too busy to remember contacting the company guys again later 😦

PS1: Dad's getting a new broad band connection set up at home. Nice huh ? 😀

PS2 : Loadsa mayhem and verbiage in 200 reg. the Reservation thing. 

2 responses to “Within the essence …

  1. ur nice friend

    dont worry ra mama remem. the pokiri movie 😉 ROFL :d

  2. @ whoever u r :

    Roger that! Hail ur idea 😀

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