Indo-Pak Brotherhood

The previous day's editorial of Indian Express had this totally fundoo but true story pf border courtesies between the Indo Pak armies 🙂

The story went something like this :

The  jawans and officers of the Indian army (who were posted at the border and hence often had to encounter long spasms of acute bore-dome)used to enjoy comedy shows in some arbit Pakistani TV channel.

One day,there was a notice in the channel asking users to pay some extra amount of money for the channel.So the infinitely noble Indian jawans decided to pay Pakistan the money.

Hence the next day the Indian commander-in-charge handed over thirty rupees to his Pakistani counterpart who was posted at the same border area 🙂 with a note explaining the reason for this act.

After some minutes the Pakistani comm. re-emerged from his tent and returned the money with another note that said :

"The  army need not  pay for any recreational services .You (this "you" is for the Indian army) too are entitled to this privelege.Be our guests 🙂 "  

*** Note to the readers *** The smiley was actually there in the reply  … GG !

So good ol' abbulugadu felt mundo delighted becoz' of the feel-good atmosphere the article generated inside him. Moreover , I actually happened to see the "Main Hoon na" movie (for the umpteenth time) just before I read the article.

So guess all the feel-good factors fell in place.


PS : Was more or less a Pak basher until  recently.Big change, huh ? 

PS1: I guess the next article will be on reservations since everyone's blogging,           shouting,arguing,carping,…… (infinitum)   about it.Hmm.. lets see ,I think I   will rap about it for a change 😉

PS2: I am probably the only fellow in IIIT who is as good as IV as far as knowing in-depth stuff about the asterix series is concerned 🙂 .I hereby adduce this claim with this proof.

PS3: I suck now as far as running is concerned . Used  to complete  a round around the chain of buildings (lib,the schools,etc.,) in less than 1 min 30 seconds.Yesterday,I clocked a pathetically repugnant 2 min …waaaaaaaaah 😦 

7 responses to “Indo-Pak Brotherhood

  1. the new template sucks !

  2. abt the battle … u need to chk mine & HalleYji’s blogs … it’s regarding the WDKM Marks 😀

  3. is the news about (someone) and you correct ?? whats going on ??

  4. @ someone :

    Dude! U are taking names in a blog.Gimme a break.(No offence meant at all)

    So i edited the comment ..ok na 🙂 .

    Btw I know who u r 😉 ,Mr.Someone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. @ someone again:

    Ya! Its correct.So any problems ??

  6. I have a problem. I have a problem.
    I cant see much of the good old Abbulugadu because of (someone).
    Dont fget old friends when you make new ones.
    Esp when ur old friends are as pathetic as me.. 😦

    Did I make myself loud and clear, jawan? 😛 😀

    And nice article, you’ve got here.
    PS: Main hoon na sux coz SRK sux.
    PS2: I aint a Pak basher. I believe in equality of mankind.
    PS3: I do luv baba-bashing 😀 😛

  7. @ spawn :
    affirmative.Thnx for opening my eyes 😛

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