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As bad as it gets …

Paki gang bang :

Dont remember the newspaper from where I read this one.But it happened that a Paki Hindu MP gets beaten up for sending a love letter to a lady MP during the Parliamentary proceedings.I wonder whether it is because :

1)He is a HIndu and she's a Muslim  (or)
2)Doing other things 😉 during nation-related work 

"Fat boy slim " funda :

Putting on a lot of flab recently 😦 Must do something about it .Otherwise I will end up re-christening my blog as "Bloating Man Pakaaa -fied " 

I know its the curse of Belly ..err… sry ..halley 😉

Flame WAR ? okay!BUt why me ?? 

One gr8 fellow put up this post and flaming has just begun.Too this gr8 fellow's plan of getting ppl to gang up on me flopped. …..super-mutated LOLs 🙂


ps : Lots of flaming to be seen during the remaining part of the vacation.

ps1 :Some arbid intellectuals might think its childish.GFU Mr.WiseGuy!! We have geniuses like IV and tipo and probably lotsa others participating..

ps2 : Some bugger called me quixotic.Thanks! No dont get me wrong,its a white-faced lie.But,my vocab just got richer by one more word. 😀

The Caste Factor

First things first … CASTE = a social barrier that I would love to call CRAP

I agree that lots of folks out there would completely go with me on this statement.But the irony lies in the fact that their so called modern outlook is only ostensible.Well! At least as far as a major chunk of the population is concerned.
Several Indians are obsessed with this caste thing, though their levels of obsession vary.Perhaps its a narcissistic feeling wrt the so called superiority of their caste.Or maybe fear of being labelled a "caste-traitor"

Some Mr.Arbid might be bold (and stupid) enough to promulgate his caste feelings in open.He openly throwns abusive verbiage at fundas like "inter-caste courtship" and supports things like "wanted! gf ! Must be from same caste!"

"The world then crucifies him and calls him "Voooru naaayalu" .Go ahead! Screw him and mutilate him.I am with you!But I make a humble plea to do it only if you are devoid of any caste feelings (n that includes internally as well)

The reservations-related exampli gratia :

As far as the reservations issue in our country is concerned,recently a school pal went like

"Why caste-reservations at all ?? If they are lazy ,they dont study they deserve seats in premier institutes,dont they ? While FCs like me who work their testicular potitude off have to bear the brunt of suchnegative phenomena"

The usage of the word "they" refers to SCs/STs/OBCs.Yes the first question raised by this pal of mine is most appropriate.But the way he put down the reason basically repudiates the validity of his argument. Does it mean that "they" are scoundrels (read "pokiri") who rely on reservations only.What crap!:( I know of innumerable candidates who are an infinite times better than this friend of mine.
Okay, guess lots of stuff is already available in the blogging world on reservations.So I will shift to a different gear. But yes! Urs truly not supporting or opposing reservations.Only laying it down that the above given justification is hmm ..politically incorrect 🙂

The Parent trap :

A IIITian gentleman's parents came sometime ago to apna campus.They saw this classmate of their ward and liked that classmate (its a girl … I dont think Indian parents became modern enough to check out the prospects of gay marriages 😀 )

They were happy and the mother was talking something like : "Emandi ! (non telugu pals,read "Aji suniye!) NIce girl na? I know their parents .They are from our caste only.Lets marry them off in future." and then the annoyingly cliche' "chilaka gorinkala laaga untaru ! " 😉

Nothing against anybody's parents.But lady!If u ask for my irrelevant-here advice I wud say … "Shut ur mouth and start searching for a well 'coz no matter what ur caste is , U are pathetic " :X
The above case might seem to be out-of-place ,but thats how things in India are.I regret to say this is the case more in the south.Hell lot in A.P.

Why? a good pal (not the fellow mentioned supra,in this case a IIITian pal) strongly feels that even our beloved Zulu is prone to such caste feelings.He says that the former behaves that way because his is the best caste in whole of A.P.Thats why the small-look (chinna choopu) towards good ol' Andhra boys.

I am scared that everyone has some sort of affinity towards their respective castes.As a right that promulgates their freedom to practice thier own customs?Yes.But as a "Mine is better" or "Mine deserves reservation" or " relations only within my caste" kind of crap ? Go jump from the top of Babu Khan towers. 😉
Things are not going to change unless we change our outlook towards society.


ps : Running in the morning is really good for health. 😉

ps1 : Should convince Lord Lukog to take a room in my wing.

ps2 : Do pro assassins really exist ?

ps3 : One of the SRK-in-darr characters bolted my door a few days ago from outside. (Methinks it was one of them.Who else would want to do soemthing like that ? )

ps4 : PS-style rocks.Those who use it love it.Those who dont also find it quite amusing.If some specimen think otherwise and want to glorify their opinion , they can join the caste-maniac on top of Babu khan towers.

Faith or Fear ??

I have been pondering over this for quite sometime.

The conversation:

…between Kiran aka Lilligadu and me (at the NBH mess)

Me : U know what!People in the modern world,at least those who claim to be theists aren't really devotees of God.They are just scared of Him/Her.

Kiran : Thats what u think.There are many who believe in Him. Its not fear but true non-profit-seeking faith.

Me : Duh! Just think.People do rituals,pujas and what not.But 99% of them do bad things (on a varying scale of course) .Morover, those who pray to Him do it mostly during times of crisis.

Why? In our very own IIIT ,there are fellows who get up early,take a shower early,do puja n stuff during exams,but dont even bother to carry them out during the relatively less hectic days!

Kiran : So does that give u the eligibility to generalise ?

…..and then the conversation ended because I had to go a different way from the mess.Will probably continue this conversation in the near future,hopefully with BK around as the guy's better than the best on such topics. 😀

So ..

See its like this , God creates Man and Man in turn creates religion to find his path back to his creator.

But then, somewhere along the path man forgets his goal and religion sort of becomes the only priority.Thats my opinion w.r.t the stuff going on in today's filled-with-fanatics world.

If its true faith,why bother about others' paths even if they are different to yours.:(

Its like writing the same code and getting the same results.But fighting like dogs over who used the better editor and who's got a more sensible set of variable names.

The so-called religious organisations all over the world actually threaten some of their followers with staements that go like , "U shall incur the wrath of God if u dont do this"Now is that faith or fear ?? If its faith …its a blind-belief in fear rather than in God.

I cannot take names of organisations or such fanatical groups because I am not some mafia Don or mob-boss with a faction to back me up when these screwed up bigots come to finish me off.Who knows?Perhaps there are such people among the students of IIIT too.

What about things like self-mutiliation practised the whole over in many religions.Do they do it because they are so devoted to God.Naaaaah!!! If u ask me for my perception ,

1)most rural folks do it beacause they are clandestinely paid a substantial amount of money by certain religious org.s who claim to be "messengers of God".

2)They are extremely superstitious.This classifies under faith in religion which leads to fear of God.

Take a look at this .

the dark side :

There's a whole alternative breed creeping up. The Anti-Christ (nice example) This guy's even a Reverend in a Satanic cult-church.Do you call this guy an atheist ?

In religious terms , yes!! But if u see it from a technical point of view, he's a theist.Why ?Because , he follows a different religion with unique fundas, n yes,its own Goddamned (literally!!!!)theology … only it is perhaps called Satanity .It will soon screw up the world if its number of followers increase 😦

At least , such pathetic creatures really have faith in the Devil and are not scared of Satan.Unfortunately,faith seems to exist only on the negative infinity side  in the modern world!! So much for free-will 😦


ps :next post is a rip-off of these fundas …hmm. .. lets call it "The Caste factor"

ps1 : Check this out 😀 for an "intellectual" opinion about the crap (according to him)surfacing in blogdom.

Of the IIITian canteen, the IIITian dogs and the IIITian mess-food

IIIT ka canteen :

Okay! This guy who sits at the canteen counter always pisses me off with his I-am-a-jabroni kinda look.

But yeah!I am being hyper subjective.The guy has a hearing problem (sry for that dooD)and anyone in his place will be capraciously annoyed n annoying 😦

Something's gotto be done about the rush we see at the canteen these days.There are people shouting to name their items (all PUN intended 😉 ) n the canteen-boys (read canteen-buggers) are confused because the message-transmission (read name of a customer's desired food item) is lost somewhere in the din and clamour.


Guess who joined the IIITian citizenship list.The innumerable dogs of course!

The number of dogs in IIIT is soon about to cross the number of frogs.(Guess work , thats all!!Dont even think I go about counting dogs and frogs 🙂 )

I dont think the cannie-number is going to fall in the campus.After all,we are not talking about the BSE sensex , are we ? 😉

But what saddens me is the fact that parents are stopped and given a slip at the gate.We are also asked to register.All disciplined security measures , but what of the dogs ?

The reason I write this is that the other day, a dog which looked like it had rabies chased my bike all the way from the main-block to the IIIT-gate 😦

Super-guess of gud ol' abbulugadu : When Prof.PKR was talking of the disturbance in the bushes at odd hours of the night , I suspect there were dogs behind the bushes.PK Sir probably mistook them for some IIITians  😀

IIITian mess-food :

We guys curse the mess food.We scold the mess fellows.But when

1) outsiders enter the mess in IIIT

2) esp. when they r gobbling up all the pooris before we reach them.

3)when we see non-IIITians completely fillin' up all the seats ;

…we say , quoting the one n only Rohan Monga , "Why the fuck are these ppl eating our food ??? $^%$%&^^%& "  (I am with Monga on this one)

But the rational side came up the previous day when Vasan said, "Rey baba! They are paying too 🙂 "

So I think there must be at least two messes during the summer so that no one has a problem.

Just because there's an extra mess, the mess fellas wont lose anything.There are oh!so many people in the campus right now.


ps : Dropped the idea on the reservation-rap post.

ps1 : Next post probably on the fees hike in IIIT

ps2 : Might skip football today

ps3 : ..not because I am bad or something, I am just all drowsy.

ps4: Life's all peaceful and nice this summer 🙂

ps5 : Hope it lasts.

ps6: Nowadays,Tipo is reading a very heavy philosophical book called something like " and the Universe".

ps7: As far as I know,even Halley does not read such stuff.

The one on 16-18-11

DISCLAIMER :This post is purely my opinion.No offence meant.

 16-18-11 will be there

'coz there r many to scare

Up down n bare

Of course! When u think 

None will dare

To care a damn

Or rather, damn a care ??

But 16-18-11 for screwing

Will always be there. 


ps:Aha!That git rid of the blogger's block syndrome

ps1: Tipo = K – Man

ps2: Some really ideal students might take it out on me for pseudo-abusing their beloved prof.

ps3: No offence meant.

ps4:This post from Lilli's PC 

ps5:Take a look at his web-page (highly recommended) 🙂
ps6 : He's pissed off right now for using his PC

ps7: PS writing is nice.Hope it catches on 😀

ps8 : Going to play football …

ps9: … though I  still suck at it 😦

ps10 :Vasan's new haircut is normal and well,not that mind-boggling.Wonder y the ppl are making a fuss over it. 

ps11 : I am also getting obsessed with post scripts.

ps12 : ps number 12 … LOLz 😀 

Just like that …

The CAT angle :

My first AIMCAT's got jabronified beyond the wildest of negative perceptions.So at least now, folks at home needn't live in a dream world.

Phew! Thats a relief.No expectations!No overestimations!No bull shit! I can live my life happily hoping for a nice lil' job in the placements. 🙂 (I hope .. :O )
The good guy factor :

This nice dost( I dont remember his name so he's dost for now) from some other coll. (presumably doing a proj. here ) tells me

"U play futbol and also, U are always running here n there doing ur proj. work ! Good player and also good student ,huh ? "

Arey anna … I play futbol,fine! But I totally saaaaaaak 😦 at the game.So not good at it.

Proj. work ? Oh well! Not exactly good,just average 😀 .U can ask Miss.CSD about it.

Y do i run around in the main building ? Check out the blog's name

However thanks for the admiration.Hope u dont read this post 😉

SnS problem :

S n S used to be like, "Hey baba! Wats up dooD ?Full jolly huh ? "

But now, things are like :

"Sarcastic Cold stares

Evil iron fares

And creepish nightmares "

Well! The only thing I can hope for is :

"Get rid of double-mindedness , man!

I m from no freakish clan …

Finaglin' I can understan

Back-bitin' sux like IIIT's LAN 😉 "

Pakaaa pakaa :

Whole lot of anonymous chaps coming up these days in the blogging world.

Why are they so obsessed with being chickens. 😦

No offence ppl!just wondering!If u think thats ur style and not cowardice …oh well! fine!

AWEsome cartoon :

Courtesy :Today's cartoonscape in "The Hindu"



ps : My present phase in life reminded mom about ANR's movie "Ravanudey Ramudaithey … " (Translation : "If Ravana becomes Rama … " implying "If the devil becomes an angel … " ).See!Even mom deals in pseudo-hyperboles sometimes.

 ps1 : Went to gym with Lilli aka DVL.Kiran in the morning.Feels nice to start rising early again. 

ps2: There are around 3 "SRK-IN-Darr" kinda characters in my life right now. 

ps3: arkey's totally f**ed up. 

ps4: Must rap about reservations!

ps5: Writing more poetry than rap these days.

ps6: Mine is prob. the only non-workin air cooler in OBH 😦

 ps7:Roger that Obelix! Evening futbol rox