Just like that …

The CAT angle :

My first AIMCAT's got jabronified beyond the wildest of negative perceptions.So at least now, folks at home needn't live in a dream world.

Phew! Thats a relief.No expectations!No overestimations!No bull shit! I can live my life happily hoping for a nice lil' job in the placements. πŸ™‚ (I hope .. :O )
The good guy factor :

This nice dost( I dont remember his name so he's dost for now) from some other coll. (presumably doing a proj. here ) tells me

"U play futbol and also, U are always running here n there doing ur proj. work ! Good player and also good student ,huh ? "

Arey anna … I play futbol,fine! But I totally saaaaaaak 😦 at the game.So not good at it.

Proj. work ? Oh well! Not exactly good,just average πŸ˜€ .U can ask Miss.CSD about it.

Y do i run around in the main building ? Check out the blog's name

However thanks for the admiration.Hope u dont read this post πŸ˜‰

SnS problem :

S n S used to be like, "Hey baba! Wats up dooD ?Full jolly huh ? "

But now, things are like :

"Sarcastic Cold stares

Evil iron fares

And creepish nightmares "

Well! The only thing I can hope for is :

"Get rid of double-mindedness , man!

I m from no freakish clan …

Finaglin' I can understan

Back-bitin' sux like IIIT's LAN πŸ˜‰ "

Pakaaa pakaa :

Whole lot of anonymous chaps coming up these days in the blogging world.

Why are they so obsessed with being chickens. 😦

No offence ppl!just wondering!If u think thats ur style and not cowardice …oh well! fine!

AWEsome cartoon :

Courtesy :Today's cartoonscape in "The Hindu"



ps : My present phase in life reminded mom about ANR's movie "Ravanudey Ramudaithey … " (Translation : "If Ravana becomes Rama … " implying "If the devil becomes an angel … " ).See!Even mom deals in pseudo-hyperboles sometimes.

 ps1 : Went to gym with Lilli aka DVL.Kiran in the morning.Feels nice to start rising early again. 

ps2: There are around 3 "SRK-IN-Darr" kinda characters in my life right now. 

ps3: arkey's totally f**ed up. 

ps4: Must rap about reservations!

ps5: Writing more poetry than rap these days.

ps6: Mine is prob. the only non-workin air cooler in OBH 😦

 ps7:Roger that Obelix! Evening futbol rox 

4 responses to “Just like that …

  1. The cartoon is awesome …

  2. harish baba lives to under estimate himself. This would land you nowhere, bro.
    Wake up.. smell the coffee. You can make it.. quite easily, unless you continue under estimating yourself (and over estimating me)
    Btw 3 SRK-Darr charcters!! Thats scary man. Who are the other two? πŸ˜›
    Now that we’ve decided on who Juhi Chawla is, who is the lucky Sunny Deol?
    Wont ya tell us? :-> Please please please.. [-o

  3. abbulu the running man

    @ sPAWN:
    i am not sunny deol ..he’s a sissy ..i am abbulu πŸ™‚ …TOUCHWOOD
    As far the estimate-status is concerned thats my style since its true πŸ™‚

  4. i’m with you baba .. but i havent really felt the need of an aircooler this time arnd except the month of April πŸ™‚

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