The one on 16-18-11

DISCLAIMER :This post is purely my opinion.No offence meant.

 16-18-11 will be there

'coz there r many to scare

Up down n bare

Of course! When u think 

None will dare

To care a damn

Or rather, damn a care ??

But 16-18-11 for screwing

Will always be there. 


ps:Aha!That git rid of the blogger's block syndrome

ps1: Tipo = K – Man

ps2: Some really ideal students might take it out on me for pseudo-abusing their beloved prof.

ps3: No offence meant.

ps4:This post from Lilli's PC 

ps5:Take a look at his web-page (highly recommended) 🙂
ps6 : He's pissed off right now for using his PC

ps7: PS writing is nice.Hope it catches on 😀

ps8 : Going to play football …

ps9: … though I  still suck at it 😦

ps10 :Vasan's new haircut is normal and well,not that mind-boggling.Wonder y the ppl are making a fuss over it. 

ps11 : I am also getting obsessed with post scripts.

ps12 : ps number 12 … LOLz 😀 

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