Of the IIITian canteen, the IIITian dogs and the IIITian mess-food

IIIT ka canteen :

Okay! This guy who sits at the canteen counter always pisses me off with his I-am-a-jabroni kinda look.

But yeah!I am being hyper subjective.The guy has a hearing problem (sry for that dooD)and anyone in his place will be capraciously annoyed n annoying 😦

Something's gotto be done about the rush we see at the canteen these days.There are people shouting to name their items (all PUN intended πŸ˜‰ ) n the canteen-boys (read canteen-buggers) are confused because the message-transmission (read name of a customer's desired food item) is lost somewhere in the din and clamour.


Guess who joined the IIITian citizenship list.The innumerable dogs of course!

The number of dogs in IIIT is soon about to cross the number of frogs.(Guess work , thats all!!Dont even think I go about counting dogs and frogs πŸ™‚ )

I dont think the cannie-number is going to fall in the campus.After all,we are not talking about the BSE sensex , are we ? πŸ˜‰

But what saddens me is the fact that parents are stopped and given a slip at the gate.We are also asked to register.All disciplined security measures , but what of the dogs ?

The reason I write this is that the other day, a dog which looked like it had rabies chased my bike all the way from the main-block to the IIIT-gate 😦

Super-guess of gud ol' abbulugadu : When Prof.PKR was talking of the disturbance in the bushes at odd hours of the night , I suspect there were dogs behind the bushes.PK Sir probably mistook them for some IIITians  πŸ˜€

IIITian mess-food :

We guys curse the mess food.We scold the mess fellows.But when

1) outsiders enter the mess in IIIT

2) esp. when they r gobbling up all the pooris before we reach them.

3)when we see non-IIITians completely fillin' up all the seats ;

…we say , quoting the one n only Rohan Monga , "Why the fuck are these ppl eating our food ??? $^%$%&^^%& "  (I am with Monga on this one)

But the rational side came up the previous day when Vasan said, "Rey baba! They are paying too πŸ™‚ "

So I think there must be at least two messes during the summer so that no one has a problem.

Just because there's an extra mess, the mess fellas wont lose anything.There are oh!so many people in the campus right now.


ps : Dropped the idea on the reservation-rap post.

ps1 : Next post probably on the fees hike in IIIT

ps2 : Might skip football today

ps3 : ..not because I am bad or something, I am just all drowsy.

ps4: Life's all peaceful and nice this summer πŸ™‚

ps5 : Hope it lasts.

ps6: Nowadays,Tipo is reading a very heavy philosophical book called something like "..life and the Universe".

ps7: As far as I know,even Halley does not read such stuff.

6 responses to “Of the IIITian canteen, the IIITian dogs and the IIITian mess-food

  1. What in the name of holy cow, is a jabroni? The link doesnt work.. 😐

    I even mentioned that if these outsiders were not to come, the quality of the food would be bad. So as to cater to these outsiders, we’re getting bearable mess food. Everything happens for a reason.. πŸ˜€

    Tipo is seriously screwed up since she left her. I dunt blame him for reading philosophical stuff. 😦 And dont tell me that you DONT suck at football.. πŸ˜›

    And finally, who is X? πŸ˜€

  2. abbulu the running man

    @ spawn :
    remember the SRK-in-darr kinda characters! 😦

    anyway ,i agree that i suck at futbol,but sincerely trying to improve πŸ™‚

  3. Awesome guess ra mama …

  4. monga rocks …

  5. and seriously, do these ppl really work at satyam and et al ??

    coz they come here and eat in our mess .. is it that satyam never feeds its employees .. such a pathetic company if so ..

  6. halley does read such stuff >:)

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