Faith or Fear ??

I have been pondering over this for quite sometime.

The conversation:

…between Kiran aka Lilligadu and me (at the NBH mess)

Me : U know what!People in the modern world,at least those who claim to be theists aren't really devotees of God.They are just scared of Him/Her.

Kiran : Thats what u think.There are many who believe in Him. Its not fear but true non-profit-seeking faith.

Me : Duh! Just think.People do rituals,pujas and what not.But 99% of them do bad things (on a varying scale of course) .Morover, those who pray to Him do it mostly during times of crisis.

Why? In our very own IIIT ,there are fellows who get up early,take a shower early,do puja n stuff during exams,but dont even bother to carry them out during the relatively less hectic days!

Kiran : So does that give u the eligibility to generalise ?

…..and then the conversation ended because I had to go a different way from the mess.Will probably continue this conversation in the near future,hopefully with BK around as the guy's better than the best on such topics. πŸ˜€

So ..

See its like this , God creates Man and Man in turn creates religion to find his path back to his creator.

But then, somewhere along the path man forgets his goal and religion sort of becomes the only priority.Thats my opinion w.r.t the stuff going on in today's filled-with-fanatics world.

If its true faith,why bother about others' paths even if they are different to yours.:(

Its like writing the same code and getting the same results.But fighting like dogs over who used the better editor and who's got a more sensible set of variable names.

The so-called religious organisations all over the world actually threaten some of their followers with staements that go like , "U shall incur the wrath of God if u dont do this"Now is that faith or fear ?? If its faith …its a blind-belief in fear rather than in God.

I cannot take names of organisations or such fanatical groups because I am not some mafia Don or mob-boss with a faction to back me up when these screwed up bigots come to finish me off.Who knows?Perhaps there are such people among the students of IIIT too.

What about things like self-mutiliation practised the whole over in many religions.Do they do it because they are so devoted to God.Naaaaah!!! If u ask me for my perception ,

1)most rural folks do it beacause they are clandestinely paid a substantial amount of money by certain religious org.s who claim to be "messengers of God".

2)They are extremely superstitious.This classifies under faith in religion which leads to fear of God.

Take a look at this .

the dark side :

There's a whole alternative breed creeping up. The Anti-Christ (nice example) This guy's even a Reverend in a Satanic cult-church.Do you call this guy an atheist ?

In religious terms , yes!! But if u see it from a technical point of view, he's a theist.Why ?Because , he follows a different religion with unique fundas, n yes,its own Goddamned (literally!!!!)theology … only it is perhaps called Satanity .It will soon screw up the world if its number of followers increase 😦

At least , such pathetic creatures really have faith in the Devil and are not scared of Satan.Unfortunately,faith seems to exist only on the negative infinity side  in the modern world!! So much for free-will 😦


ps :next post is a rip-off of these fundas …hmm. .. lets call it "The Caste factor"

ps1 : Check this out πŸ˜€ for an "intellectual" opinion about the crap (according to him)surfacing in blogdom.

3 responses to “Faith or Fear ??

  1. *rubs his hands in anticipation*
    I’d love to talk about stuff like this!! πŸ˜€
    Maybe when I move into OBH, this is what we’ll be doing mostly.. :-s

  2. abbulu the running man

    @ spawn :
    Excellent! Full time ramblings planned well in advance πŸ˜€


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