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All n sundry

Prof.Raj Reddy and his lost cause :

Mr.Bojja Babu (the halley belly parody to  Mr.Erra Babu) put it in a subtle way

Now ..time for some stark ground reality.Against my reluctance,I drag myself and some friends also (literally..emphasis on the word “drag“) to this “placements”  meeting.

But what do I….or rather,….we hear ?? Things about some Shakespearean dramas , things about life and stuff.Nice!Some one should have told people that it is an extension of Jeevan Vidya workshop or Dramatics club or just an intellectual talk by the great man.Then people who are “genuinely” interested would have only come!!!

This humongously great faculty of ours doesn’t even tell the great man about the things in IIIT-H.(obvious from his “U guys are probably placed by now” statement ) But they force him unecessarily to come and speak arbid stuff.

Dont blame Prof.RR or evryone.But looks like desperate measures to fill seats to me 😉

The MF controversy  :

If u check out the comments in some recent blog posts on blogroll, some fellow justified the actions taken on some senior IIITians for ragging.His reason = usage of the MF word

Okay anna agreed!!! But just wait and ponder once.These words are like used commonly and not to be taken in a literal sense 😦

Why!! Those fellows even address their own frenz. like that.What to say??Society is like that..what we call in telugu as “OOTHA PADHAM”.Surely no intention of incestuos idelologies here!!

Also usage of words like “Chettana koduka” ,etc., is common and also so trite that its not taken seriously at all.But why dont ppl understand that it is almost as bad,anti-social  in meaning as MF ?!?!?!

But sending them to Musoorie for Jeevan Vidhya !!!! Gimme a God-blessed break !! Reminds me of a Telugu movie “Moga Rayudu”  where Iron Leg shastri (the wrong doer)’s soul is damned to watching discovery channel programmes on pigs for 1 lakh years ..LOLs

The billi/pilli/feline baap :

The mocks are slowly starting to look up…but good ol’ me still miles away from my fellow batch mates cum CAT aspirants.

The most powerful animal belonging to the feline khaandaan,to the pathetic apex of my knowledge, is the tiger (see this ..nice puli related song 🙂 ) But i am not scared of it as much as i am of the CAT.

 Aha! Nostalgia :

In the days when i weighed around 90 kilos (ya!I really did …  ) I used to keep running while listening to the song mentioned supra 

Yes sir!Those were the days …. early morning jogs,no hectic work,walkman,the whole gachibowli area  and me.

The one on Mr.N, Mr.V and Mr.R  :

Finally Mr.R went for jogging yesterday after his claims and declarations for the last couple of months.

Mr.N is probably trying to do a Rocky Balboa routine . Btw did u know that he is a sorta grandmaster in karate (baad verri baad ..i thought I was the only one  ..hehe ..just kidding).Anyway, how would the nick Bocky Ralboa sound for him ?

Mr.V is ..err..well … a more mature and much better person these days.Good for him 🙂

 Last Sunday and Monday

Oh boy ..the rapping urge in my veins…may God save the readers ..I will rap about this ..

I go to write yet another mock

Inspite of knowing that

I will be a f***in laughing stock 

On the way ,I get caught

By this halley ..err..sry…belly – lawman 

N get  screwed by 100 bucks

Thats just the frying pan ..

Wanna know about the fire ?

The next day i get screwed out of Rs.360

By the psudo senile mmts-tc who turns a deaf ear

To my ticket-blew-out-the-window gifty 


 Yo the f***ed up abbulu man

His 2 days sucked worse than IIIT’s LAN

But why in the name of Ross’s tan

Is he laughing like ..err… cartoonist Pran ???? 


ps :  the first line of this postcontains the words “halley belly parody” ..aliterations at fingertips ,huh! 🙂

ps1 : No bolting doors anymore .BUt the culprit’s identity is disclosed.Lite! Poor fellow,frustration makes ppl do strange things;but guess guddu sense prevails in the end

ps2 : Next post has unalduterated conversations between me n pals.Verri OAish (their part) wud be an understatement or ..err overstatement !! 🙂
ps3 : H is gonna get super pissed after reading this 😀

Hell = Masochistic heaven ??

One of the meanings of masochism goes like

The deriving of pleasure, or the tendency to derive pleasure, from being humiliated or mistreated or physically abused, either by another or by oneself

Now suppose this arbid chap’s a masochist and a wrong doer.So he goes to hell after his life goes kaput .But the innumerable punishments at hell’s torture chambers would be like heaven to him because he enjoys getting mutilated,cut up,etc., ….**PUKE**

So basically he’s in his perceptual heaven !!!!!

Or is it a case of masochism being only a materialistic tendency with no place in the fundas involving the soul,the atma,the tramsmigration to the upper astral planes …the **blah blah**

Whatever … I guess a masochist (if such a breed does exist) would find the real heaven bland and infinitely boring

ps : I am not sure of the existence of hell and heaven though

ps1 : Thanks to tipo for the idea 🙂

Little things

At school there used to be this song that went like …

“Little drops of water

Little grains of sand

Make the mighty ocean

And the beautiful land .

Though God made the Universe

He stays behind the scenes

God’s specializes

In using little things “ 🙂

See thats the whole beauty of it.Little things always make up bigger stuff.Perhaps even something that is the very epitome of magnificience.

Actually I was never even aware of the inherent meaning of these lines.Until now,after 8 long years since i first heard this song.

The other day,I was like totally clueless as far as my life’s rays of hope were concerned. (barring a very few) Then I got back to running along with Erra Balu in the mornings.In the beginning ,it was like the “Kasi” thing sang Metallica’s “I disappear

But then these little things played their part.

As i ran,I felt the morning air blow at my face.It was as if the fresh gale blew away the demons within and resuscitiated  good ol’ abbulugadu 🙂 along with all his hopes,optimism and his madness laden never-say-die fundas.

As I ran ,as i played football later,as I did BC with pals,u know…all the itsy bitsy dumb-headed stuff , i felt like “This is life after all ” ..n then I felt pretty good about evreything, u know that nice soft holistic view towards the world.
I see myself doing my work with sincerity,playing sports faster with a lot more intensity et al.

So its just little things that matter, little things that say “Nothing Else Matters” (oh boy! Metallica again) when compared to one’s happiness 😀


ps : Patnaik’s gonna probably participate in da Sports meet .Nice!Finally i get to compete with him

ps1: I still suck at futbol compared to most other players.But my flying antics are the talk of the town

ps2 : Gotto make Halley run in the mornings lest he wants to look a sorry picture when he enters the interview room this December. 😉

ps3 : Me probably going to be in one of the skits of Dramatics club.Now get ready for an Electrifying(hahaha ..i know it sounds sooooo trite but I love the word) show.

ps4 : Guess i am getting the hang of sharing Spawn‘s antipathy towards Himesh Reshmaiyya

At home , gathering rust ;yet nothing beats home

It good to be at home eating “ghar ka khaana” (though I am actually suffering from a bout of anorexia right now)

But It just occured to this mind of mine that as long as I stay at coll. I crave to go back home.After a few days at home and spending quality time with my folks , I crave to go back to coll. Notice the paradox ?? Guess its a mind’s incessant longing for variance.

Ammamma makes AWEsome pooris.They are the inspiration behind me staying at home.The other dishes granma makes are very good too.But the pooris are cut above the rest.Wouldn’t be an understatement if I say that they transport my soul to Jannat/Svarg/Valhalla 😀

Watched spider man 2 the other day(or rather night) in HBO for the umpteenth time.Must say that I really like the train scene and also the movie’s climax 🙂

Catching up and Hanging out with old school pals is fun. Its fun recollecting the good old days of innocence .. (was I innocent back then ?!?!?!?!?! Only HE remembers) But certainly , the guys n gals are mighty pleased that I became a lesser angry man.Guess destiny had it that way all along ,huh ?

Haven’t been to the gym like say , hmm ..OMG!!8 days ! But the ray of hope lies in the  relevation that I can survive even without the gym. Besides,I am hardly running.Guess this anorexic phase is keeping my belly  from getting into a convex shape.

YM-fying all close pals almost everyday 😀 Must say chalked out several plans of contriving some electrifying (love this word) fun (**** me snickering like the Crpyt Master of old ****) once coll. reopens. 😀


ps : Bunked my first CAT class today in 2 weeks,to avoid burn-out.But its only an exercise-class,so guess it isn’t that big a gambit.

ps1 : Looking forward to coming back to IIIT 🙂

The homecoming of the running man

Finally the fire within was called forth again 🙂 Therunning man must force his ass to run again
Recently , the PD told me to start practising for IIIT would be a potential participant in the forthcoming Inter-University Athletic championships 😀 Hope the fellow EB doesn’t become too fat at home .
Basically compared to the kind of athletes that Universities like OU , NIT ,etc., make , IIITians are no-shows.But thats the whole challenge , right ?

So gearing up for the showdown once the coll. reopens.


ps : must manage time between CAT , BTP and running ..phew! Lotsa work but makes life all the more adventurous.

ps1 : Hope attendance is given

ps2 : Slogging must be redeemed at any cost

ps3 : call for karate-enthusiasts seems to be a smouldered initiative to me 😦

Mixed bag post

The sem less travelled :
This sem is going to see the mighty ol’ smackdown laid down upon the “new” final year students’ bowels.

What with the final most crucial phase of BTPs coming around this sem.Methinks the IIIT management did it (the FYP to BTP metamorphosis)for the sole purpose of making life too hectic for IIITians to concentrate on things like CAT,GRE,etc., Some folks in the faculty actually think that doing MS in IIIT is better than all these :O. **PUKE** Gimme a break!!!

Zulu says “all roadside barbarians write GRE,GMAT,CAT,etc., Then what is the difference between them and IIITians ..if u take time off from BTPs and prepare for these entrance exams ..I have contempt for u ..i have contempt for u ..i repeat, i have contempt for u.”

Moreover,he’s hell bent on making life more miserable for ECE students.Some kinda FPGA project (VLSI related) is now compulsory apart from the regular BTP . How would the VLSI students feel if VUR/JS were to make something like “Convolutional coding schemes” / “Multirate signal processing for coloured images ” (random names!dunno if they are feasibl e 😉 ) compulsory for all 😦

And moreover,KR is back in action.The 2k4 ECE batch will witness good grades being given to the following species :

1)The boot lickers 2)The intellectual prodigies (very rare specimen)
The ones who will suffer are normal sincere ppl who have avg. IQs but try to make up with hard work .Hard work doesn’t matter here ..unless s hard licking work

The rap about the upper sub-heading :

check out this link

It was written aeons ago.So sorta corroborates with claim that I am a chotu motu scaled version of Hari Seldon 🙂

The fitness thing :

Suddenly many IIITians are obsessed with fitness.More number of fellows in the gym on the playground,even on the roads doing their “to-HCU” jogging routines .GG !!

Any queries ..u can contact the running man charge .. 😀

the return of the rapper :

Decided to blog a lot. Some people were sad that i cut down on the rapping angle.So sort of pushing myself towards this cause 🙂 In the days to come “abbulu the rapper” will rise again like the phoenix ..MAY GOD SAVE MY FELLOW IIITians 😀


ps : Brazil lost .. oh no!!.France has done the “Mission Impossible” act .Just not able to digest it

ps1 : England lost.Thats okay.I dont care.

ps2 : Not hungry these days inspite of the wonderful “Ghar ka khaana”.Dont understand why i lost my apetite 😦

ps3 : Attending all CAT classes.Finnally Stopped bunking .

ps4 : Looking forward to coming back to IIIT land on the 14th of this month.

ps5 : Running hard in the mornings.Will blog about this one in the future.

ps6 : By the end of July , the SRK-like-characters will be running for their lives ..muhahahaha

ps7 : Should I go for an RAship or a TA ship this sem?

ps8 : People who make anonymous comments(which are not decent) should be thrown in MCH garbage dumps !!

ps9 : Is ps8 a provocation ?? Only time will tell.

ps10 : Its public.Arun has confessed.

Jaane kya hoga baba re …

Mocks nahin bey ..poora mockery :

BK deserves to be a saint .Thats ‘coz he speaks perfectly ethical , supposed to-be-logical things.For instance the direct proportionality between hard work n results.But unfortunately in my case they are more of hypothetical. 😦

My performance in the mocks is sorta like this

..well at least the bright side is ..hmm..err… still trying to think of one 🙂

The beat about the meet :

Why am i sooo worried

’bout the sports meet

Gr’s not gonna take part

n EB’s not gonna fart

So y will my chances deplete ?

Just keep running my dear abbulu

Every where ..including honolulu 😉

Since u chose to become the running man

N r planning to learn a karate-dan

None’s gonna screw up ur plan 😀


Okay felt nice after that poem..sorta pepped up.

By the way that karate dan phrase was alluding to the “genuinely-interested-in-karate” mail from Mr.Rahul Sarika.Hope that guy really means it and doesn’t leave this karate promoting process 🙂 (Martial arts Good for strength I guess might be indirectly useful for sports meet)
The BTP (giving me BP) :

Why does JS pester me sooo much to do the BTP when I have other things to do ? She knows that I have other things to do.Its not like JS gets actively involved in the work anyway.

Undoubtedly ranking among the most biased,hypocritic , dapper-only kinda characters in IIIT ian land.

Poor AG’s stuck with his intern thing.I am stuck with mocks,all sorts of novel crap and complete mental cum emotional perplexities in a not-so-intelligent mind :O

So dont know whats gonna happen to BTP 😦


ps : nice to know IIIT-H’s in top 10 in at least some of the ratings

ps1 : Enough of SRK-like-characters !! Its pay-back time.

ps2 : Must stay home for a fortnight.

ps3 :The Ger vs Arg match was Electrifying 😀