Jaane kya hoga baba re …

Mocks nahin bey ..poora mockery :

BK deserves to be a saint .Thats ‘coz he speaks perfectly ethical , supposed to-be-logical things.For instance the direct proportionality between hard work n results.But unfortunately in my case they are more of hypothetical. šŸ˜¦

My performance in the mocks is sorta like this

..well at least the bright side is ..hmm..err… still trying to think of one šŸ™‚

The beat about the meet :

Why am i sooo worried

’bout the sports meet

Gr’s not gonna take part

n EB’s not gonna fart

So y will my chances deplete ?

Just keep running my dear abbulu

Every where ..including honolulu šŸ˜‰

Since u chose to become the running man

N r planning to learn a karate-dan

None’s gonna screw up ur plan šŸ˜€


Okay felt nice after that poem..sorta pepped up.

By the way that karate dan phrase was alluding to the “genuinely-interested-in-karate” mail from Mr.Rahul Sarika.Hope that guy really means it and doesn’t leave this karate promoting process šŸ™‚ (Martial arts Good for strength I guess ..so might be indirectly useful for sports meet)
The BTP (giving me BP) :

Why does JS pester me sooo much to do the BTP when I have other things to do ? She knows that I have other things to do.Its not like JS gets actively involved in the work anyway.

Undoubtedly ranking among the most biased,hypocritic , dapper-only kinda characters in IIIT ian land.

Poor AG’s stuck with his intern thing.I am stuck with mocks,all sorts of novel crap and complete mental cum emotional perplexities in a not-so-intelligent mind :O

So dont know whats gonna happen to BTP šŸ˜¦


ps : nice to know IIIT-H’s in top 10 in at least some of the ratings

ps1 : Enough of SRK-like-characters !! Its pay-back time.

ps2 : Must stay home for a fortnight.

ps3 :The Ger vs Arg match was Electrifying šŸ˜€

5 responses to “Jaane kya hoga baba re …

  1. whos the hacker?

  2. BK = Bhanu Kiran
    hacker = **confidential** for the good interests of one n all šŸ˜‰

  3. whos confidential?? code name for someone?

    ps – im bored … posting random comments to avoid boredom

  4. The graph reminds me of something.. I just dont rmr what? hmm..

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