Mixed bag post

The sem less travelled :
This sem is going to see the mighty ol’ smackdown laid down upon the “new” final year students’ bowels.

What with the final most crucial phase of BTPs coming around this sem.Methinks the IIIT management did it (the FYP to BTP metamorphosis)for the sole purpose of making life too hectic for IIITians to concentrate on things like CAT,GRE,etc., Some folks in the faculty actually think that doing MS in IIIT is better than all these :O. **PUKE** Gimme a break!!!

Zulu says “all roadside barbarians write GRE,GMAT,CAT,etc., Then what is the difference between them and IIITians ..if u take time off from BTPs and prepare for these entrance exams ..I have contempt for u ..i have contempt for u ..i repeat, i have contempt for u.”

Moreover,he’s hell bent on making life more miserable for ECE students.Some kinda FPGA project (VLSI related) is now compulsory apart from the regular BTP . How would the VLSI students feel if VUR/JS were to make something like “Convolutional coding schemes” / “Multirate signal processing for coloured images ” (random names!dunno if they are feasibl e 😉 ) compulsory for all 😦

And moreover,KR is back in action.The 2k4 ECE batch will witness good grades being given to the following species :

1)The boot lickers 2)The intellectual prodigies (very rare specimen)
The ones who will suffer are normal sincere ppl who have avg. IQs but try to make up with hard work .Hard work doesn’t matter here ..unless s hard licking work

The rap about the upper sub-heading :

check out this link

It was written aeons ago.So sorta corroborates with claim that I am a chotu motu scaled version of Hari Seldon 🙂

The fitness thing :

Suddenly many IIITians are obsessed with fitness.More number of fellows in the gym on the playground,even on the roads doing their “to-HCU” jogging routines .GG !!

Any queries ..u can contact the running man ..no charge .. 😀

the return of the rapper :

Decided to blog a lot. Some people were sad that i cut down on the rapping angle.So sort of pushing myself towards this cause 🙂 In the days to come “abbulu the rapper” will rise again like the phoenix ..MAY GOD SAVE MY FELLOW IIITians 😀


ps : Brazil lost .. oh no!!.France has done the “Mission Impossible” act .Just not able to digest it

ps1 : England lost.Thats okay.I dont care.

ps2 : Not hungry these days inspite of the wonderful “Ghar ka khaana”.Dont understand why i lost my apetite 😦

ps3 : Attending all CAT classes.Finnally Stopped bunking .

ps4 : Looking forward to coming back to IIIT land on the 14th of this month.

ps5 : Running hard in the mornings.Will blog about this one in the future.

ps6 : By the end of July , the SRK-like-characters will be running for their lives ..muhahahaha

ps7 : Should I go for an RAship or a TA ship this sem?

ps8 : People who make anonymous comments(which are not decent) should be thrown in MCH garbage dumps !!

ps9 : Is ps8 a provocation ?? Only time will tell.

ps10 : Its public.Arun has confessed.

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